Friday, March 3, 2017

3 March 2017 (Friday)

Kind of a dreary day. Slept reasonably well, but with assistance. This weekend I plan on not using any, regardless. So it might be a tired, cranky weekend.

Workout went really well though. I did some work here and then went to Cascadia. Finished a draft of the SoW for SDOT so I hope that goes through well. Left there to check on the Honder and it was almost done except for the gasket for the tail light. Essentially, they're doing what I did, but better. Thought it might have been done this afternoon, but they didn't call. Washed the car (Lezzie) because a bird left a big ol' dumper on it and gassed it up and went for lunch at the 5 Guys and had a burger. On a Friday. During Lent. Because I don't care. I also had chicken for supper. Because I don't care.

Did some laundry and went to UVil QFC for some bread and eggs for tomorrow. Watched Iron: Legacy. I left early to pick up the Spousal Unit by the stadium because the traffic was probably awful (it was) and we went to McD's. I walked. Walked farther than I had planned because I was paying attention to works and idiots walking their dogs in the middle of the street.

First full day without f***ing Facebook. I don't even care what's on it.

My aim is to not care about a lot. 

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