Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28 March 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Slept till 10:15. Read for a while. Listened to the Kiddy Hour. Ate. Practiced. Played paper dolls. Went to Kings - Surprise Party. 
It was a Saturday.

Used assistance last night at 2 and again at 3:45. I decided to as I would be sitting in a quiet office all day. No real anxiety attacks (or whatever) or even just mind-going-100-miles-an-hour. So, meh. Felt okay. Workout went well, back up to 568 lbs on the press easily. Lots of people there today.

Went straight downtown for my last(?) day of work there for some unknown period of time. Hope they get more money soon. The Spousal Unit thinks they're jerking me around, but this is just how grants work.

Had lunch with Lisa. We went to the Jade Garden which was really crowded even at 11:30. Apparently it's quite native Chinese food, and judging by the percentage of actual Asians there (probably 90+%) it probably is. And it was pretty good, I'll go there again. Nice talking with Lisa, too. I think she's probably my oldest Seattle friend, going back to 1990.

Otherwise, I just did my work and got most of it done. I'll still do some stuff, but not a whole lot until they start finding money again. I left a few minutes early and walked over to St. James cathedral to light a vigil light for Shannon and her cancer. Real candles this time. I sent her a picture and she appreciates it. I can't help but get teary after lighting it and kneeling in the pew. I just want it to turn out the best for her.

Bus ride was uneventful. Went to NGate for a walk in order to get large salad bowls. 

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