Saturday, March 25, 2017

25 March 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Meat Market during cooking. Practiced. Played outside. Heard "One Man's Family" & "Winning the West". Did schoolwork.
Isn't she a little young for that. . . .

Wow. I slept through the night! Until about 4:30. I went to the TV room, woke up a few times but never for any length of time. It feels. . . .strange.

Went out for breakfast although the Spousal Unit slept in until almost 7. I just had 6 strips of bacon and some hash browns. Mostly filled me up, too. I went downstairs after doing some chores (mostly dust mopping the floors) and watched an old TV show, 'UFO' (which the characters pronounced You-Fo'. Oddly, although it was 1970 it seems to have held up better than the somewhat later Space:1999. The effects are worse, of course. But the stories are a bit more intense, I think. Looking at it with modern eyes it's incredibly cheesy.

I was noticing this morning that the show, set in 1980, features nearly all of the women wearing skin-tight clothing. Boy, is that outrageous. . . .

So they were off by 35 years. 

Anyway, the Spousal Unit had a hair appt at 11:30 so we went to the UDist. I hung around the U Bookstore. Had lunch at the Pagliacci. We went to the two estate sales after that. Didn't buy anything at the first one (Maple Leaf) although I want to go back tomorrow and snag a Nagel print. They're very 1980s. Just one. They were pretty pricey which is probably why they were all still there, but maybe people don't dig that these days. Ended up at the UVil QFC for comestibles. 

We went over to Norma's old house's open house. As I said earlier, I'm okay with it now, wasn't sad at all. It's okay to move on and let someone else build a life in the old house. It's just a house, after all. 

I fiddled with the guitar but didn't do much. Drank a Guinness. Made steaks for dinner, mine were a tad overcooked although 2 years ago I would have thought it was perfect. Walked up in Laurelhurst. 

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