Friday, March 24, 2017

24 March 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to school. Practiced. Mary came down to practice duet. Looked at Movie Books. Did some school work. 
Busy day today. Slept lousy again. Lousily? Well, I did fine until 3-3:30 so, you know. Anyway, I got up at a little after 4. Consequently, tired all day. Made breakfast for the Spousal Unit and I and then I proceeded to do next to nothing until about 7 when I decided it was light enough to go start working on the fence posts again. All I had to do was dump some more concrete in one hole and then shape another one and put more concrete in that one, too. Was in the middle of that when my sister pinged me saying she and mom were ready to Skype. Mom looked pretty good today. Awake. Apparently she's been doing occupational therapy and apparently is moving her right arm more. That's ending soon though. She said a few things quite clearly and seemed normal enough but said a couple of odd things. Anyway, talked for like 45 minutes.

I finished the posts and then got a mocha and did some minor work here before heading out to do many tasks:
-- Dropped off church donations and lit a vigil light for Shannon
-- Got parking pass for UW
-- Got post caps
-- Estate sale in the Inverness area. NICE house. Not much stuff I wold want. The old Pioneer turntable was already gone and that was about the only thing that interested me.
-- Estate sale up in Maple Leaf. Had a bunch of old Nagle prints. Kinda pricey, but I might kinda of like one.
-- Up to NGate to check email and lunch. Except I didn't really lunch. I just had a donut from SBux. Decided to go to the gym up there a little before noon (I started at 11:45). Fiona was there for yoga; never seen her at the gym before. We both finished around 1 and I killed myself d-a-i-d daid. Went over to NGate where I had a giant Diet Coke and some donut holes with icing from the Cinnabon. YUUUUUUM.

Left there, got blue stuff (astringent) at the Riot Aid and then home where I made dinner, read, etc. Walked at NGate because it was raining.

It all sucks. 

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