Monday, March 20, 2017

20 March 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Had club but there was no business. Music teacher came and I went to Mary's to practice duet. Ruth came over. Parents went to church. 
I looked up the day of the week but I don't know if I will always be putting it in.

Busy day. Slept okay, until 3:45. Blehh. I gambled and took 1/4 ambien -- it's always possible it won't work and I'll have wasted one -- but it did so I felt okay today. Went to the 24 Hour place to work out. Lots of light and noise, but it was okay. Many more fake boobs than at the UW. Had a pretty good workout.

Then I came home with a stop at the QFC at UVil for bagels. Started right in on the fence. I loaded up most of the old scrap wood from the old one and hauled it to the transfer station; over 300 lbs' worth ($30). They recently redid the Xfer station and it's much nicer although they got rid of the big hole to throw stuff into which makes it less fun. But also less smelly and noisy and dirty. After that I went to the lumber store and got the new posts, four 6 ft-ers. Brought those home and then started in on the heels for them. The first one I tried I immediately hit a snag: a big root had grown over the old one so putting it there would be impossible. After some figuring I decided to move it down a bit, but it was still tough digging. More big roots and I was right on the edge of the old post's concrete. But I got that one satisfactorily.

The next one was a problem though. I needed to put it in the old one's spot, so I started digging it out, but the concrete it was in was larger than I expected. Also partially covered by a big root. I managed to dig around it, but it wouldn't budge without significant leverage. So I had lunch and then drove over to Cascadia and grabbed a pry bar (stopped at Spam's Club for gas and got Lezzie washed) and then went back at it. It was bigger than I had thought. Took about 30 minutes of digging and prying before I was able to lift it out. Probably a good 200 lbs at least. This is why I got to the gym every day.

Anyway, I got that all done and then decided to set these two today. Problem: the old ones aren't totally in a straight line. So I made the best of it. Turned out I could have used another bag of concrete mix. One I think I used too much water as it hadn't set after an hour or two, but the other one worked fine. At 2:30 I decided to clean up. Was so d-a-i-d daid that I drank a beer. really, I didn't even feel any effects from it, for the most part. Sure did taste good though, and very refreshing. Still achingly thirsty right now though.

Made a new thing for dinner, strips of flank steak stir fried. Did the meat very well, not overcooked or anything. Mall-walked and bought new black socks. 

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