Thursday, March 2, 2017

2 March 2017 (Thursday)

What a crap day.

Started off pretty well, I slept okay, albeit with a lot of assistance. Was in a decent mood to start off, workout went well, although I had to mix up my routine because a lot of people were there using stuff.

Then it went downhill. First thing, Facebook really p***ed me off. I hardly ever scroll through it anymore just because of all the political crap, and I've been getting tired of it anyway. A couple of days ago I clicked Hide This Post from a Friend, and it did hide it for a couple of days. . .until this morning when Facebook decided I should see it again because the Friend commented on it. WHAT PART OF 'HIDE THIS POST' DON'T YOU GET, YOU A**HOLES? Probably wouldn't ordinarily annoy me that much but it was almost like the last straw with it. I did my usual #TBT post and almost added something at the end to the effect that it would be my last one. It might be, I don't know. I didn't even look at it all day.

The morning at Cascadia was okay, I guess. Randall is having me do a fairly significant proposal with SDOT (so far I'm anonymous so they can't look up the nasty emails I sent them) and it's going pretty well. Left there and as I was driving down 25th at 65th some dope got in the right hand lane and tried to cut in but I wouldn't let him so he honked and I honked and then he tailgated me all the way down the hill. @sshat. I would have flipped him off but I'm bigger than that.

So I decided, probably stupidly, to make beer this afternoon. That went about as well as could be expected. Actually not too bad. Well, except for having it splash me, my pants, my slippers, and the floor when I was pouring it into the barrel. And except for boiling the dumb stuff for almost 30 minutes before realizing I hadn't put in the malt. Which is like trying to make wine without grapes. I hope it ferments this time.

Went for takeout thai food. At least that was entirely uneventful. Walked at NGate, even did a lap up the parking ramp and down again.

So I dunno. Foul mood almost all day. I kind of don't even care about eating meat or not tomorrow. 

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