Sunday, March 19, 2017

19 March 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Cooked Butterscotch Filling. Worked on organization. Miss [Oakey] was terrible. Practiced - did school work. Gran'ma came. 
Apparently she does "home economics" stuff at school.

Was out like a light last night. Between the alcohol and the walk home (but mostly the alcohol) combined with my usual array of chemicals before bed I was almost dizzy from sleepiness. Slept mostly through the night, but woke up at the usual time (4:45). Didn't go to Mass again. Actually did next to nothing all morning, except take a short nap and read. I did go over to Norma's house when two of The Girls were over and I came back with a lamp and a vacuum. Vacuum is almost new, they say. They were also going to leave a concrete burro from Norma's back yard in my yard but they couldn't lift it. I told them to leave it with the house but tell the new owners to give it to me if they end up not wanting it.

So, I did that, and then read a bit more on the front steps. I have a book by Cary Elwes about The Princess Bride movie (he was in it). I like it but not fanatically so like many people. We just went to the UVil, but then hit the Best Buy at NGate to get yet another new clock radio. Not a single one of our auto-set radio clocks budged for daylight saving. How useless is that? This one you just set manually. Also stopped at the QFC up there and got some stuff for some sort of flank steak stir fry thing, including a bottle of sherry which is awful stuff. Was going to do the car wash but there were too many in line so just came home. I washed the Honder and rearranged the flamingoes so now they are all gathered around a small metal bucket with (supposedly) Alka Seltzer in it. Heh. This morning someone stopped and took a picture of them.

Didn't do much else except watch the race. Fun ending, the leaders went into the pits on a yellow on lap 6 (from the end) but the ones right after them stayed out and the ones who stayed out won. Ha!

Did a pretty long walk this evening. It was sunny all day and about 50 so it was a pleasant change. 

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