Sunday, March 19, 2017

18 March 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
General Assembly. Cooked shells in cooking. Went to B. 7. Day - saw Miss Guthrie. Finished book "Sons of the Middle Border". Alright. 
Writing this the next day, in the morning, because we went to a party last night -- yes, something social! -- and didn't get back until after *gasp* 9. It was quite fun. At Norma's daughter's house. Quite a number of people there. I was chatting with one young lady who'd just gotten back from Israel and we talked about the food over there, blah blah blah (she was asian) and then I mentioned something about Wisconsin and she said she was going to Wisconsin to help a friend move.

Me: "Oh, where about?"

Her: "Fond du Lac".

Ha! How cool is that? Fondyberg is the center of the universe.

Anyway, good time. I drank whiskey.

I think I slept okay the night before. I'd put the flamingoes out in their drunken revelry poses and it looked pretty good:

Someone this morning was taking a photo of them. The neighbors called yesterday and apparently someone else had the same idea but I haven't seen it yet.

Yesterday was kind of blah. It was rainy all day. I felt pretty tired, too, although I'd gotten enough sleep. Morning was just laying around. Went to an estate sale (got nothing), lunch, then a stop at the PetsMart and Lowe's for concrete mix and gravel for the posts. Will get the posts and put them in Monday. Came home and mostly vegged out until hitting the party. We stopped and got a bottle of wine was a gift. Was good to talk to the daughters more. And other people. 

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