Friday, March 17, 2017

17 March 2017 (Friday, St. Patrick's Day)

Last day without a diary entry for approximately 5 years.

My nightly routine the last few days has been to stay in the bed for a couple of hours, go to the TV room and not get to sleep for a while, and then sleep until about 3:50 and doze back off until 4:40. Hence, halfway decent sleep but annoying. No big anxiety attacks (or whatever) for the most part though. I can tell I've been drinking beer for the last three days though: my workout this morning should have been awesome but it was very difficult. I still managed to work pretty hard, but it felt. . .I dunno, weak. Don't plan on making a habit of this.

But Guinness Draught is really good.

After coming home I called Mom but she didn't answer. Went to Cascadia and finished the report for the fieldwork last week and then decided to go to the church to help out with the funeral, but they didn't need any help. Saw Margie though, that was nice. Talked to Carol a bit too.

Then I took a long and winding road up to check on an estate sale (cool stuff but nothing I wanted) and then had lunch at the Taco Slime on Lake City Way, and then I went to the 24 Hour Fitness to get my 30-day membership started. Ashley was there and seemed glad to see me. She's very nice. That was all quick and I went to UVil (raining by this time)to check on the cell phone plan; I got a notice the other day saying Verizon was not allowing LTE calls or something. Turned out to be nothing. But I had to buy a new pair of reading glasses because I'd forgotten mine. I got some sort of pink ones, which I do because if they are ugly I will not lose them. Went to SBux and met Fiona and we had a nice visit. Her parents went off to Greece for 10 days.

Played my guitar a lot this afternoon for one reason: I had a weird dream last night. I was in a room with someone I knew (maybe Cal Moely, my old band director?) and a bunch of other people, maybe 20-30. I was supposed to be, I guess, part of a small band (like a rock band) that was going to play and Cal was telling me I had to go do it.

Was I supposed to play trumpet like I know how?

Or guitar like I kind of know how?

No, I was supposed to play the drums. WTF? I was in no uncertain terms supposed to do it, so I gamely went up on the (small) stage and picked up the sticks (non-match grip, mind you) and. . . .well, tried to do my best Neil Part impression.

It did not go well. See, usually when I have a dream about guitar I can somehow magically play it really well, even before I bought one and learned. Not this time though. I sucked. Happily, I woke up.

What else. . . .had pizza for dinner. Walked at NGate because it was raining. Posed the flamingoes and alcohol bottles when we got back so tomorrow morning it looks like they had a big ol' St. Paddy's Day party.

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