Thursday, March 16, 2017

16 March 2017 (Thursday)

This marks two weeks without Facebook. I'm not really missing it. Oh sure, I miss hearing from some people, but mostly not. The hardest part -- and the reason I'm avoiding it -- is that I keep wanting to post things. For instance, I've been readying my flamingoes for a St. Patrick's Day vignette and ordinarily I would have posted the pre-vignette already. But I have not. I have things to work on and Facebook doesn't help.

Another weird night where I was awake in the middle for probably an hour. Only needed 1/4 of an ambien though so that was good. Then I was under until 4:45. Kind of cold on the floor though, that blanket is just not quite enough. I remember dreaming about being cold.

Workout went fine. Actually better than fine: I pressed 600 this morning. 608 to be exact. In actuality, it doesn't feel all that much different from 568. But they were good reps. Otherwise, all felt fine.

Came home and did some work on Coptic stuff mostly and then headed off to Cascadia and did a report there, after doing some more Coptic stuff. Left around 11:30 and went for lunch at McD's. Then I came home and started taking down some of the fence. Which ended up taking down almost all of it. There was one post that was falling over and after taking the stuff out on either side it was apparent that there were three others that were rotted as well. So I took out everything except for the part I redid a couple of years ago. I looked up how to set posts and that should be no problem. The neighbor lady came over and thought it was a good idea and offered to pay for part of it, which was nice. I needed a break so I went to the SBux and had a hot chocolate. When I came back I decided to remove all of the nails from the wood so it could be composted/recycled/whatever. That took an hour. I was drinking a beer while doing so, to get another bottle for the art installation. One more tomorrow and I should have enough for a decent scene.

Just went walking. I found myself very tired out from the labor. That's one thing I have noticed that has declined with age, even though my strength hasn't really gone anywhere.

I listened to a couple of U2 CDs today too. I haven't strayed too far from soft piano/new age/classical stuff for months now. . . .not sure I'm really ready for that yet. But these were. . . .okay. They reminded me of a time when I was going through something similar. 

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