Wednesday, March 15, 2017

15 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Kind of a crap day today. When I went to the TV room last night it took quite a while to fall back to sleep. Then I woke up at around 3:50 but managed to go back to sleep again, like a day or so ago. Still, I felt kinda blehh all day. Workout was really good though. Killed it.

It was raining this morning and rained almost all day. I went to Cascadia but was on autopilot and ended up going to Northgate instead which took even longer. And everyone and their brother, sister, grandparents, and dog were out driving today. And driving like putzes. I bought some Guiness at the Slaveway and gave a bottle each to the SBux baristas with a promise to return then empty to me tomorrow or Friday. I worked on a report until around 11 and then headed out.

Went to Spam's Club first. I stopped at the Display and Costume store and got a couple of St. Patrick's decorations for the flamingoes. Then I went to the McD's for lunch. . .but the parking lot was full. The street out front was full. The side street was full. The street a block over was full. So I went home and had ramen.

Then I went out to the car to get the remaining two beers out of the back and when I pulled it out the stupid bottom broke and one fell out and broke on the ground. Grrrrrrrr.

I worked a little more on some Coptic stuff and then went to NGate and had a hot chocolate and then went to an Irish bar that opened at 2 to see if they had Guiness bottles. No. Driving back I stopped around Greenwood and 85th and tried several places around there. No. Finally I went to the UVil and got three domestics at the Ram and a couple of wine bottles at another restaurant. Oh, also gave two bottles to the ladies at Cascadia. I bought another 6 pack of the same stuff (Guiness Draught) and had one when I finally got home around 3;30. Tasty. Seems to be low alcohol so I don't feel too bad either. I think I can drink one tomorrow and one Friday so I should have at least 6-7 by Friday night.

Kind of in a bad mood today too Frustrated a lot. Got angry at things and people easily. Dunno why.

Walked outside, started to rain a bit. 

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