Sunday, March 12, 2017

12 March 2017 (Sunday)

Daylight Saving Time hath begun. That means I slept until 5:15! Which was really 4:15, but without assistance. Which was good. This morning I made a half of a pot of coffee instead of just drinking Diet Coke (although I did drink one DC upon arising; thirsty, donchaknow). I still have the Kenya coffee and it will never be drunk otherwise. I made it a bit too weak but it was okay. I made it through most of one cup and part of another. I just can't get into coffee. My parents didn't drink it growing up and I never developed a taste for it, although occasionally some "diner coffee" -- I'm not sure what that means -- would be delicious. The parents drank tea, although for the longest time my mother drank Sanka (blood pressure) and then in her later years had a cup of instant every morning. I don't know if she continued that; my sister got her a Keurig and she may have switched to that.

Back in 1983 or so when one of the first specialty coffee shops opened in Madison (WI) I made my first serious attempt to become a coffee drinker (mainly to impress a female) but it didn't work. I still have the cup, for old time's sake. Every few years I give it a shot, but I remain a tea/soda addict.

Didn't go to Mass again, for the same reasons I believe I've stated earlier. Did chores instead. Took a short nap. Watched a bunch of the first Indycar race of the season. We went up to the one estate sale, but didn't buy anything. Many of the electronics were still there, because they are overpriced. But I don't need another receiver anyhow (although the one Pioneer would be nice) and the speakers were nothing special. We attempted to find some interesting place to eat in Edmonds but to no avail and ended up at a Pagliacci instead. We got texts from the Spousal Unit's sister indicating that their dad had walked off in a huff after an argument. It's sad; he's beginning to get dementia (mostly memory issues) but the sister and her Significant Other as well as her kid are living with the parents. Not a good situation, but they both appear to be significantly lazy. Too much drama over there.

After that we just went to the UVil for the usual groceries. Home, dinner, walked up to the Riot Aid and ATM on 85th. Rained most of the afternoon, but stopped later in the afternoon.

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