Saturday, March 11, 2017

11 March 2017 (Saturday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
August 4. Deep Lake. Bobs different from Harold - somehow. I like H. he's older but it doesn't seem so. Stayed all night at Jane's - drove about [140] miles today. 
That's pretty much the end of this stuff. One week from today we begin our five years with Jean. I'll try to dig up some more on her this week.

Was very angry at 3:15 this morning BECAUSE I WAS F***ING AWAKE. I don't know why, it just made me very mad this morning. I took 1/4 ambien and put my pillows on the floor and. . . .actually went back to sleep until 5:15. So it wasn't too bad. Still irritated the crap out of me. Well, I woke up on the couch and my back hurt and it just made me angry.

Anyway. Hung out until the Spousal Unit got up and then we went out for breakfast. The scrambled eggs at this place (Burgermaster) taste like plastic half the time. I think they use these Egg Beaters things. Didn't even eat half of them. Bacon was good though. Once at home I decanted my beer into the secondary fermenter -- actually, I just drain it into the second barrel and filter it some so when I bottle it it's nice and clear. I measured the specific gravity and it came out to about 4.5% alcohol which is way higher than I wanted darn it. I'm still shooting for about 3%. Grrrr.

We went to a movie again (at noon), 'Arrival' this time. Meh. I like Amy Adams. I suppose it was pretty good, but ultimately stupid. No, you can't see the future just by writing a different way. But it was kind of clever anyway. Worth a couple of hours out of the rain, I guess. Came home after going to the grocery store and then whiled away the afternoon doing some chores and making dinner, etc. I drank a beer. Mainly because I need at lest a couple of bottles for my flamingo diorama next weekend. Still need to go to a bar.

Walked at NGate because it was raining.

FWIW, I haven't been commenting upon my state of mind or any of that crap lately (you're welcome). I'm (hopefully) settling into something long term. As few emotions as possible one way or the other; no happy, no sad, no nothing. Concentrating on improving everyone around me; nothing for me. Well, not nothing; I don't refrain from doing things that are good for me. I do try my damnedest* to refrain from doing things that are bad for me, unless they are good for someone else. Mainly taking myself the f*** out of the equation. So far, so good. I think.

(Spell check says that's correct)

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