Friday, March 10, 2017

10 March 2017 (Friday)

August 3: straight. Saw Lakes Sunset, Cresent[sic], Sutherland. Saw CCC boys - roads bad about 10 mi. Stopped at [Tuncey] Wash. Drove 394 mi. 
I guess this was a pretty okay day. I slept pretty well I guess. Think I woke up at around 3 and had a pink pill and 1/4 ambien and went back to sleep until 4:30. Really good workout, too. I just felt like working very hard. 

I spent most of the morning at home, first doing Coptic work and then a little of the archaeology report. Called my mom at 8:30 and she sounded good. For the most part it was a fairly normal conversation, at least what I could understand of it. She kept talking about therapy or the therapist so perhaps she's doing that again. Asked me what I was doing tomorrow. It was nice. In fact, I got all of my tasks done by 9 -- call mom, make wedding hotel reservations, and contact aunt P about this summer. 

I left the house about 11:20 and parked at the U Bookstore because I needed more Write In The Rain paper. so I got that and a new pencil to use in the field (may not work very well), and then had lunch at Pagliacci. Thence to get my hair cut. Anne was doing okay although she's still pretty broken up about her cat. She's had pet rats before but she got more attached to Piper. I understand that, obviously. 

After that I drove up to Lake Forest Park to check on an estate sale. Lots of stereo equipment. The electronics were okay (Marantz and Pioneer receivers) but overpriced; I think they just looked on eBay for prices. Several pairs of speakers but none. . . .well, there were some ADS's that were good, but not my bag. Guy was a Man's Man: lots of hunting gear, bows, arrows, gun parts, etc. I may go back Sunday and see if I can snag some stuff. Don't really need another receiver though, and I would imagine they need repair. 

Afterwards I went to the UVil SBux because I was parched and had a hot chocolate. Not many interesting people to watch though. Came home, read, we walked up to the thai place for dinner. I had a merlot. Meh. 

Right where I want to be today: smack in the middle and not feeling much of anything. 

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