Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Bad night last night. I think I'd started to fall asleep but then Jack came in meowing and I woke up and had a heck of a time getting back to sleep (probably after 10:30). Then I slept until 2:30 but then Jack -- again -- decided that I needed to go to the TV room so he sat on me and meowed until I went in there, at which point I had another devil of a time getting back to sleep (not to mention another intense anxiety attack (or whatever)), probably not until 3:30. So, tired.

Decent workout I guess. Came home and then went off to Cascadia, initially having nothing to do, but then a couple of proposal projects came up so I have some work for today and tomorrow. There was one big RFP that I'd started on, but Randall decided someone else should do (thank God because I was lost). But one is for SDOT, who I hate, so perhaps I will pad it with extra costs and f*** them. The other is for Seattle Parks and a nice little planting project at Marymoor which would be nice to do. I went to lunch at NGate and then came back there and worked a bit more. Toby the cat was in the house this morning. He/she likes lots of attention and when I picked him/her up he/she ruled me a lot under my chin and stuff.

When I came home I went to UVil to get some dinner stuff and then when I got back I took a scythe to my desk and got rid of anything really personal. Name plate, family photos, everything. I dunno, I just want a clean slate from now on. I didn't throw anything out, but put it all in my old photo album. Well, some rocks and stuff I put in a drawer; at some point if I don't miss them at all I'll chuck them outside.

Oh, also bought beer ingredients which I shall try again on Friday.

Walked the Wedgwood Rock route. 

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