Friday, March 31, 2017

31 March 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Snow still on ground in some places. Make cookies. As usual[sic] played tag during lunch. (Saw Robert) Did school work. 
I woke up at 3 this morning and decided to take 1/4 ambien because I was NOT going to be tired as hell today. Worked. Workout went pretty well, too. When I came home I did a little bit of archaeology work and then started the fence again. I had to go to the Dunn Lumber and get some lattice pieces (8 in all) at $25 a pop. I thought they were cheaper than that. Anyway, that went fine, came home, and then started in on it. I ended up having to remove and reattach one of the lower cross pieces because they were too far apart for the lattices to attach to. Harumph. It's not the greatest looking fence ever, but I had always planned on getting some sort of vine to cover it. I went to the City Peoples and they suggested some sort of climatis, which I'd tried before and they both died, but they had some others they said were very hardy. Actually the same ones that we have growing out of the front planter bed and above the garage door. Thing grows like a weed, so if it take hold back there it should work fine. I got two of them after I'd gone to McD's for lunch. Had a hamburger again, so much for Lent.

Planted those when I got home and also finished attaching the lattices (I'd just put a few nails in earlier in case I didn't like it). So, the fence is done. Just need to clean up and take the junk to the dump. Next project may be replacing the laundry/furnace room floor.

Went to UVil for dinner supplies and Fiona and I sat outside for the first time this year. It was a little cool but pleasant. Interesting scenery. She thinks I don't know what an attractive man looks like. Which I probably don't. But she's very picky.

Came home and drank one of my beers. Meh. It seems to have about the right alcohol content in it though, as I drank a whole one (it's larger than 12 oz) and didn't really affect me much. Not much carbonation though. I think I may forego the grains next time and see about just using the malt extract and hops and see what happens.

Walked around here. Mainly pleasant.

Don't know if I should go into my mood today. Suffice it to say that this morning I was praying to hang on to this one permanently. Chatted with my friend "Shannon" who has cancer. I told her, quite sincerely, that I would trade places with her in a second if I could. Except for the sleeping with her husband ("The Dude") of course. She thought that was funny.

Update: One solid month without Facebook. So far only one person not my family has noticed (or cared?). Kind of sad. I'm not sure I miss it. I still think of things I wold like to post but not nearly as often. I do think it's been helping me to. . . . .well, remake my entire persona. Really. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

30 March 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Froze last night. Made cookie in cooking. Practice and also made cookie dough at home. (Saw Bob King coming home)
I have 16 minutes of a Liquid Mind piece playing while I write this. It is a New Age . . . artist. It's very simple music, mainly just a bunch of chords but he (guy named Chuck Wild) strings them together into the nicest progressions. It's almost what they call "space music". Very relaxing.

Woke up at like 3:15 and got up at 4. Was not all that tired though, so I'm wondering if maybe I did doze off? Probably not though. Workout was okay (legs). I did 608 again and it's really at the limits of my strength. I would like to do a good set of 5-6 -- good as in dropping it all the way down -- on my birthday.

Had to do something for TT in the field right off the bat and I was able to. I went in to Cascadia as soon as I could and worked on the report for the Blakely Island monitoring. Was trying to find some history and pin down when the marina (where they were working) was built. Finally found out that SPU has a research station on the island and a little history on their web site. I contacted the web author and he gave me some decent information. Looks like it was built in the early 1970s. Anyway, I got a decent amount on that done this morning. Left around 11:40 and had lunch at NGate and then went to the Best Buy and got an Amazon Fire Stick for the upstairs TV and then gas in the Honder at Spam's Club. Piddled around a bit and then went to UVil for some comestibles and sat in the SBux for a bit. A few interesting people there. Came home, and started to set up the Fire Stick. . . .when Jack came kind of slinking in. He doesn't do that much. Then he threw up behind the TV. He doesn't do that much either. Then he went to the side of the couch and threw up. So I cleaned all that up and then when I was near my office room I smelled what smelled like someone had used the litter box, but there wasn't much of anything in it. Hmmmmmm. Went back to setting up the Fire and finally got it done and then decided to check the mail when I saw that someone had pooped on the living room floor! I think it was Daisy. Maybe that's why Jack was nervous. Maybe that's why he puked, I don't know.

Anyway, I made dumplings for the stew and they turned out pretty well. Walked down to the MM for milk.

Was in a really bad mood most of the day. I know it's the lack of sleep but I just felt really sad and hopeless all day. I suppose I can do that every now and then, yes?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

29 March 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday School. Ruth came home with me. Read paper. Played what we always play, paper dolls. 
Slept pretty okay last night, although I'm not sure when I woke up. May have been around 3:45 but I don't know if I dozed back off or not. I think I did. Workout was really good, too. Ran on the track for about 12 minutes. That felt quite good although my left knee kind of hurt. I must have slept on it wrong.

Came home and started working on tomorrow, or rather, not tomorrow. I did some more looking at the Blakely Island area and I am certain the whole area they're working on was built up from fill -- which is what they said -- and so the chances of them hitting anything native underlying it tomorrow are practically nil. But common sense, or even analytical sense, doesn't matter a lot with DAHP. But I decided not to waste any more of their money and took a chance on not going out. I'll finagle it in the report.

I got a lot done otherwise. Called the stream people -- guy was kind of a dope -- and now I'm not altogether sure that we even need them for anything. We already have their design plan so I think we just need a sponsor. Which they don't do. So I may get his advice and then go for it myself. Also dropped some stuff off at the Goodwill. Went for lunch at 5 Guys. I kept doing minor bits of Cascadia work throughout the day getting this thing for (not)tomorrow set. Oh, stopped at the QFC by NGate to get various items.

Had a decent practice session on the geetar. I should have mentioned this the other day, but the thing is actually becoming rather comfortable in my hands. That seems odd and I can't really explain it, but it's actually starting to feel. . . .normal. I'm hoping I will start really progressing from here on.

The PI that's been funding me sent an email around with this: "I’m still looking at ways to keep you on board to don’t lose hope! Your efforts have made a huge difference for us." I hope he's not just saying that.

I had started to write about my mood(s) lately but thought better of it. I'm literally trying to feel nothing; that's the goal. And I'm getting there. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28 March 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Slept till 10:15. Read for a while. Listened to the Kiddy Hour. Ate. Practiced. Played paper dolls. Went to Kings - Surprise Party. 
It was a Saturday.

Used assistance last night at 2 and again at 3:45. I decided to as I would be sitting in a quiet office all day. No real anxiety attacks (or whatever) or even just mind-going-100-miles-an-hour. So, meh. Felt okay. Workout went well, back up to 568 lbs on the press easily. Lots of people there today.

Went straight downtown for my last(?) day of work there for some unknown period of time. Hope they get more money soon. The Spousal Unit thinks they're jerking me around, but this is just how grants work.

Had lunch with Lisa. We went to the Jade Garden which was really crowded even at 11:30. Apparently it's quite native Chinese food, and judging by the percentage of actual Asians there (probably 90+%) it probably is. And it was pretty good, I'll go there again. Nice talking with Lisa, too. I think she's probably my oldest Seattle friend, going back to 1990.

Otherwise, I just did my work and got most of it done. I'll still do some stuff, but not a whole lot until they start finding money again. I left a few minutes early and walked over to St. James cathedral to light a vigil light for Shannon and her cancer. Real candles this time. I sent her a picture and she appreciates it. I can't help but get teary after lighting it and kneeling in the pew. I just want it to turn out the best for her.

Bus ride was uneventful. Went to NGate for a walk in order to get large salad bowls. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

27 March 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936:
Woke up this morning and it was snowing. Snowed nearly all day. Had English Club. Took Music Lesson. Listen to the radio. 
Pretty late snow for around here. Probably melted the next day though. I only remember one big snowfall in March, I think it would have been in spring of 1989.

Slept decently well again last night, without assistance. Oddly, my right biceps and shoulder, which had been hurting, were pretty much okay this morning so I did a full workout, albeit with lighter weights and more rep/sets. Not too crowded.

Came home, ate bagel, and then went to get the materials for the fence. I got 4 10' 2x4s and 2 8' 2x4s. Turned out I could have reversed that, but I didn't want to get stuck with two that were too short. I guess when I was parked by the IMA a heron flew over and left an enormous dump on the car. Really. Biggest bird poop I've ever seen. I even took a picture. The lumberyard guy even commented on it.

Got those and got right to work, although I didn't get back until almost 10:30. Took about an hour to get 6 of them up. No real problems, although one post was an inch wider from the other one at the bottom than at the top. Hmmmmm. But they all went in okay. I went to McD's for lunch and then hit the ACE hardware to get some nails and then to the car wash. Came back and quick put up the last two cross members and then nailed them all in. Was done by about 1:30. Then went to UVil to get some dinner stuff and also met Fiona there seeing as it was her birthday. I thought it would be a nice thing for her to see at least one friend on her birthday.

Came home and got to work on dinner. I made a stew recipe out of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I modified it some. Turned out quite good. Walked.

Oh, I hung the Nagel this afternoon, too. I think it looks great.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

26 March 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Finished organization. Got out of school at 1:50 P.M. and went to see "Twelfth Night - Sheakspear[sic] - at the "Playhouse" -- Keen. 
I can't imagine any modern teenager (or not many) going to see Shakespeare.

Slept through again last night, albeit on the floor because the cats were on the couch again. Until about 4:15. Which was okay. Spousal Unit slept until almost 7 again. Which was okay. Ate in, didn't go to Mass again. I took a short nap. Didn't do much else except watch most of a Clint Eastwood movie (Pale Rider). Left to go to the estate sale from yesterday. I was expecting the Nagel prints to be half off but they were only 25% off. I got the cheap one anyway. I would have liked a different one, although this one did catch my eye first. I like the angles involved. Its this one:

It cost me a total of about $80. Framed, so it was, I think quite worth it. Mine doesn't have the writing at the bottom.

I brought that home and then we went to UVil for the usual, although went to McD's for lunch. Was raining nearly the entire day, only mostly stopping a short while ago. We walked anyway, it was lightly raining for most of it. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the NASCAR race. Making dinner. Walking. Kind of a quiet day. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

25 March 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Meat Market during cooking. Practiced. Played outside. Heard "One Man's Family" & "Winning the West". Did schoolwork.
Isn't she a little young for that. . . .

Wow. I slept through the night! Until about 4:30. I went to the TV room, woke up a few times but never for any length of time. It feels. . . .strange.

Went out for breakfast although the Spousal Unit slept in until almost 7. I just had 6 strips of bacon and some hash browns. Mostly filled me up, too. I went downstairs after doing some chores (mostly dust mopping the floors) and watched an old TV show, 'UFO' (which the characters pronounced You-Fo'. Oddly, although it was 1970 it seems to have held up better than the somewhat later Space:1999. The effects are worse, of course. But the stories are a bit more intense, I think. Looking at it with modern eyes it's incredibly cheesy.

I was noticing this morning that the show, set in 1980, features nearly all of the women wearing skin-tight clothing. Boy, is that outrageous. . . .

So they were off by 35 years. 

Anyway, the Spousal Unit had a hair appt at 11:30 so we went to the UDist. I hung around the U Bookstore. Had lunch at the Pagliacci. We went to the two estate sales after that. Didn't buy anything at the first one (Maple Leaf) although I want to go back tomorrow and snag a Nagel print. They're very 1980s. Just one. They were pretty pricey which is probably why they were all still there, but maybe people don't dig that these days. Ended up at the UVil QFC for comestibles. 

We went over to Norma's old house's open house. As I said earlier, I'm okay with it now, wasn't sad at all. It's okay to move on and let someone else build a life in the old house. It's just a house, after all. 

I fiddled with the guitar but didn't do much. Drank a Guinness. Made steaks for dinner, mine were a tad overcooked although 2 years ago I would have thought it was perfect. Walked up in Laurelhurst. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

24 March 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to school. Practiced. Mary came down to practice duet. Looked at Movie Books. Did some school work. 
Busy day today. Slept lousy again. Lousily? Well, I did fine until 3-3:30 so, you know. Anyway, I got up at a little after 4. Consequently, tired all day. Made breakfast for the Spousal Unit and I and then I proceeded to do next to nothing until about 7 when I decided it was light enough to go start working on the fence posts again. All I had to do was dump some more concrete in one hole and then shape another one and put more concrete in that one, too. Was in the middle of that when my sister pinged me saying she and mom were ready to Skype. Mom looked pretty good today. Awake. Apparently she's been doing occupational therapy and apparently is moving her right arm more. That's ending soon though. She said a few things quite clearly and seemed normal enough but said a couple of odd things. Anyway, talked for like 45 minutes.

I finished the posts and then got a mocha and did some minor work here before heading out to do many tasks:
-- Dropped off church donations and lit a vigil light for Shannon
-- Got parking pass for UW
-- Got post caps
-- Estate sale in the Inverness area. NICE house. Not much stuff I wold want. The old Pioneer turntable was already gone and that was about the only thing that interested me.
-- Estate sale up in Maple Leaf. Had a bunch of old Nagle prints. Kinda pricey, but I might kinda of like one.
-- Up to NGate to check email and lunch. Except I didn't really lunch. I just had a donut from SBux. Decided to go to the gym up there a little before noon (I started at 11:45). Fiona was there for yoga; never seen her at the gym before. We both finished around 1 and I killed myself d-a-i-d daid. Went over to NGate where I had a giant Diet Coke and some donut holes with icing from the Cinnabon. YUUUUUUM.

Left there, got blue stuff (astringent) at the Riot Aid and then home where I made dinner, read, etc. Walked at NGate because it was raining.

It all sucks. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

23 March 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936:
Made Lemon Puff Filling. Buds opening on trees. Have $75.75 in bank. Practiced. Mother wrecked her finger. I did schoolwork. 
That would be $1,327.55 in today's dollars.

I woke up at 3 this morning and don't know if I got back to sleep. I did break down and take 1/4 ambien at 3:30 but I'm not sure it did any good. Seemed like an awful long 45 minutes though.

I went over to Cascadia by 7 this morning so I could do a proposal and I finished that around 8:30, piddled around for a while, and then went to 24 Hour Fitness to work out. Legs today. Still did around 600 lbs on the press and it didn't hurt at all. Rode the cycle for about 10 minutes. Still too bright and loud, but okay. Not too many people there.

Actually, it was a busy day. After the gym I came home and switched cars (drove the Mustang first off) and got 3 bags of concrete mix at the Ace on Roosevelt Way and then had a quick lunch at McD's. Had an emergency septic thing that needed monitoring up on Blakely Island next week and started that ball rolling after lunch but before the dentist. Chatted with Mary for a few minutes afterwards. She's doing well, and so is her daughter who seems to be doing really well in college and life. I like Mary, I wish we could get together more often. I swear that woman simply doesn't age. But she's asian so she'll be 80 and look 35.

I came home and started setting the last post. When I was awake I was all worrying about that, but at least I figured out what to do with both of them. This one I just dumped the mix into the groundwater and used that. Seems to be working as of this writing. It's not setting as quickly as it probably should, but that's because there was more water than necessary. I think it will work fine. Tomorrow(?) I need to fill in the other one a bit and then put more concrete in it.

While I was dumping one bag the phone rang and it was the Blakely client so I had to get things going on that, what with a monitoring plan and proposal and trying to get someone to go up and do it. Mary agreed (not dentist Mary, someone else). So that seems to be ready.

Norma's house went on the market today, with the sign out front. I'm not really sad at all. I've pretty much gotten over the sadness -- I still do miss the old broad though -- and just think fondly of the memories anymore. Besides, life goes on. I just hope some nice people move in. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22 March 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936:
Went to Sunday School. Went to Ruth's. Went through museum in U of W. Played paper dolls. Stayed home from Church to do school work. 
I'd forgotten to give some information about the diarist when this first started, so here it is: I haven't found a whole lot but I did manage to find her obit.
Her name was Jean M. Clausen and was born 9/7/1923 (probably) which would mean in 1936 she was 13. So we are reading the diary of a 13-year old girl in 1936. Her full obituary can be found here.
She eventually married Albert Leslie Albright. She may have lived in her childhood home all of her life because I got the diary at an estate sale at the address provided in the book, 600 N. 44th St. in Seattle. Here is the obit:
Sep. 7, 1923 ~ Apr. 1, 2015
Jean Albright passed away at the age of 91 at her home in Seattle. She was a graduate of Lincoln High School in 1941. Jean retired from Seattle Public Schools where she worked as a secretary and a payroll clerk for 27 years. She also worked for many years at Cathy's Place Child Care. Jean is survived by her daughter Cathy Stygar, son Ric, 4 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild. There will be a memorial service for Jean at 1:30 Saturday April 25 at Olympic View Church on NE 95th. Her final resting place will be at Evergreen Washelli on Aurora Ave.
I had written down her DoB as 1921, although I'm not sure where I got that from, probably reading the diary somewhere. A census record from 1940 lists her as being 16 then so 1923 is probably correct.

I should go up and find her grave. She already has a Find-A-Grave page though.

Anyway, I am trying to use the ambien sparingly and did not use it at all last night. Went okay, but then, I didn't have a period of extreme wakefulness, i.e., an anxiety attack (or whatever) or just a mind-going-1000-miles-an-hour period. Ended up sleeping pretty well, all things considered. Made breakfast here and then tried to do some sort of work until 8:15 or so when we Skyped with mom (sister is in FdL). Mom wasn't very talkative. Think she was tired. And then my sister actually. . . .wait, no, I am not going to say it.

Right after that the gutter people came and they were finished in an hour. Hasn't rained yet, but I am hoping the new downspouts work better than the old ones. I started on the remaining fence posts and right off the bat discovered that the one by the rock wall is hopelessly encased in large roots. Rather than try wrestling it out, I decided I will probably just leave that space open as the stream runs right underneath it; that's also why I can't move the post. I figure that if we daylight the stream we'll need that area open anyway. The other one came out rather easily, but had about 6" of water in the hole. Don't know if I can dump the concrete mix in there or not, although the other one had water in the bottom and it worked fine. I put some logs over the open hole so no critters would fall in and drown or anything.

That lasted until about 10 and then I went to the shop to talk with The Boss about a proposal with State Parks. He ordinarily doesn't need to see proposals but he does with Parks and other State agencies. I left there, made a quick stop home and then went to McD's for a quickie lunch and then parked at UVil and walked over to the IMA. Not too crowded and I had a decent workout. The Fitness Model was there, I made an attempt to just say Hi but she ignored me (i.e., looked at her phone or something when I went by). I don't know if she's just a nasty person or not. . . .we briefly chatted once and she seemed amiable enough, but she may get hit on a lot.

Went to SBux after that cuz I was thirsty. Came home and played the geetar quite a bit, haven't done that in a few days. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

21 March 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936:
Slept late. Make pie crust. Practiced. Played. Went with Heberts to show - "In Person" - Ginger Rogers and "In Old Kentucky" Will Rogers. 
Kind of a cruddy day. Woke up at 2:30 and had to take two small hits of ambien to get back to sleep by 3:30. But slept until the alarm.

I went to the gym and they ticked me off. Before I could even sign in the chick behind the counter said I could work out until 8 am because I have a guest pass. I didn't even argue but just rolled my eyes and walked out. Fitness clubs are by far my least favorite business. Always doing something just plain incompetent and/or jerky. Won't be going back this week and maybe not in December either.

So I came home and took a shower and then went downtown. I got a decent amount done but was tired the whole day. Rowena and I went for coffee and then to the cafeteria for lunch (I had spaghetti and meatballs, not bad). I worked until 3 so I have some time built up for next week I guess. Bus was a little late but the ride was uneventful. Mess of high schoolers got on, but not too many. Too energetic though.

Made dinner, went to UVil.

Oh, my sister sent me an image of a paper she found at the parents' house. It's a poem I wrote for school when I was young:

You Never Know

I hear music
No it's a bird
It could be a duck
I guess I'll never know

I hear splashing
It could be a bear
It could be a hippo
I guess I'll never know

Some thing you'll always know
Somethings you'll forget you know
Somethings I think you'll know
But these things I'll never know

Teacher made the comment:
"Tony -- I think you have written a delightful poem! Your last stanza is just beautiful. Good work!"

Monday, March 20, 2017

20 March 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Had club but there was no business. Music teacher came and I went to Mary's to practice duet. Ruth came over. Parents went to church. 
I looked up the day of the week but I don't know if I will always be putting it in.

Busy day. Slept okay, until 3:45. Blehh. I gambled and took 1/4 ambien -- it's always possible it won't work and I'll have wasted one -- but it did so I felt okay today. Went to the 24 Hour place to work out. Lots of light and noise, but it was okay. Many more fake boobs than at the UW. Had a pretty good workout.

Then I came home with a stop at the QFC at UVil for bagels. Started right in on the fence. I loaded up most of the old scrap wood from the old one and hauled it to the transfer station; over 300 lbs' worth ($30). They recently redid the Xfer station and it's much nicer although they got rid of the big hole to throw stuff into which makes it less fun. But also less smelly and noisy and dirty. After that I went to the lumber store and got the new posts, four 6 ft-ers. Brought those home and then started in on the heels for them. The first one I tried I immediately hit a snag: a big root had grown over the old one so putting it there would be impossible. After some figuring I decided to move it down a bit, but it was still tough digging. More big roots and I was right on the edge of the old post's concrete. But I got that one satisfactorily.

The next one was a problem though. I needed to put it in the old one's spot, so I started digging it out, but the concrete it was in was larger than I expected. Also partially covered by a big root. I managed to dig around it, but it wouldn't budge without significant leverage. So I had lunch and then drove over to Cascadia and grabbed a pry bar (stopped at Spam's Club for gas and got Lezzie washed) and then went back at it. It was bigger than I had thought. Took about 30 minutes of digging and prying before I was able to lift it out. Probably a good 200 lbs at least. This is why I got to the gym every day.

Anyway, I got that all done and then decided to set these two today. Problem: the old ones aren't totally in a straight line. So I made the best of it. Turned out I could have used another bag of concrete mix. One I think I used too much water as it hadn't set after an hour or two, but the other one worked fine. At 2:30 I decided to clean up. Was so d-a-i-d daid that I drank a beer. really, I didn't even feel any effects from it, for the most part. Sure did taste good though, and very refreshing. Still achingly thirsty right now though.

Made a new thing for dinner, strips of flank steak stir fried. Did the meat very well, not overcooked or anything. Mall-walked and bought new black socks. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

19 March 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936:
Cooked Butterscotch Filling. Worked on organization. Miss [Oakey] was terrible. Practiced - did school work. Gran'ma came. 
Apparently she does "home economics" stuff at school.

Was out like a light last night. Between the alcohol and the walk home (but mostly the alcohol) combined with my usual array of chemicals before bed I was almost dizzy from sleepiness. Slept mostly through the night, but woke up at the usual time (4:45). Didn't go to Mass again. Actually did next to nothing all morning, except take a short nap and read. I did go over to Norma's house when two of The Girls were over and I came back with a lamp and a vacuum. Vacuum is almost new, they say. They were also going to leave a concrete burro from Norma's back yard in my yard but they couldn't lift it. I told them to leave it with the house but tell the new owners to give it to me if they end up not wanting it.

So, I did that, and then read a bit more on the front steps. I have a book by Cary Elwes about The Princess Bride movie (he was in it). I like it but not fanatically so like many people. We just went to the UVil, but then hit the Best Buy at NGate to get yet another new clock radio. Not a single one of our auto-set radio clocks budged for daylight saving. How useless is that? This one you just set manually. Also stopped at the QFC up there and got some stuff for some sort of flank steak stir fry thing, including a bottle of sherry which is awful stuff. Was going to do the car wash but there were too many in line so just came home. I washed the Honder and rearranged the flamingoes so now they are all gathered around a small metal bucket with (supposedly) Alka Seltzer in it. Heh. This morning someone stopped and took a picture of them.

Didn't do much else except watch the race. Fun ending, the leaders went into the pits on a yellow on lap 6 (from the end) but the ones right after them stayed out and the ones who stayed out won. Ha!

Did a pretty long walk this evening. It was sunny all day and about 50 so it was a pleasant change. 

18 March 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936:
General Assembly. Cooked shells in cooking. Went to B. 7. Day - saw Miss Guthrie. Finished book "Sons of the Middle Border". Alright. 
Writing this the next day, in the morning, because we went to a party last night -- yes, something social! -- and didn't get back until after *gasp* 9. It was quite fun. At Norma's daughter's house. Quite a number of people there. I was chatting with one young lady who'd just gotten back from Israel and we talked about the food over there, blah blah blah (she was asian) and then I mentioned something about Wisconsin and she said she was going to Wisconsin to help a friend move.

Me: "Oh, where about?"

Her: "Fond du Lac".

Ha! How cool is that? Fondyberg is the center of the universe.

Anyway, good time. I drank whiskey.

I think I slept okay the night before. I'd put the flamingoes out in their drunken revelry poses and it looked pretty good:

Someone this morning was taking a photo of them. The neighbors called yesterday and apparently someone else had the same idea but I haven't seen it yet.

Yesterday was kind of blah. It was rainy all day. I felt pretty tired, too, although I'd gotten enough sleep. Morning was just laying around. Went to an estate sale (got nothing), lunch, then a stop at the PetsMart and Lowe's for concrete mix and gravel for the posts. Will get the posts and put them in Monday. Came home and mostly vegged out until hitting the party. We stopped and got a bottle of wine was a gift. Was good to talk to the daughters more. And other people. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

17 March 2017 (Friday, St. Patrick's Day)

Last day without a diary entry for approximately 5 years.

My nightly routine the last few days has been to stay in the bed for a couple of hours, go to the TV room and not get to sleep for a while, and then sleep until about 3:50 and doze back off until 4:40. Hence, halfway decent sleep but annoying. No big anxiety attacks (or whatever) for the most part though. I can tell I've been drinking beer for the last three days though: my workout this morning should have been awesome but it was very difficult. I still managed to work pretty hard, but it felt. . .I dunno, weak. Don't plan on making a habit of this.

But Guinness Draught is really good.

After coming home I called Mom but she didn't answer. Went to Cascadia and finished the report for the fieldwork last week and then decided to go to the church to help out with the funeral, but they didn't need any help. Saw Margie though, that was nice. Talked to Carol a bit too.

Then I took a long and winding road up to check on an estate sale (cool stuff but nothing I wanted) and then had lunch at the Taco Slime on Lake City Way, and then I went to the 24 Hour Fitness to get my 30-day membership started. Ashley was there and seemed glad to see me. She's very nice. That was all quick and I went to UVil (raining by this time)to check on the cell phone plan; I got a notice the other day saying Verizon was not allowing LTE calls or something. Turned out to be nothing. But I had to buy a new pair of reading glasses because I'd forgotten mine. I got some sort of pink ones, which I do because if they are ugly I will not lose them. Went to SBux and met Fiona and we had a nice visit. Her parents went off to Greece for 10 days.

Played my guitar a lot this afternoon for one reason: I had a weird dream last night. I was in a room with someone I knew (maybe Cal Moely, my old band director?) and a bunch of other people, maybe 20-30. I was supposed to be, I guess, part of a small band (like a rock band) that was going to play and Cal was telling me I had to go do it.

Was I supposed to play trumpet like I know how?

Or guitar like I kind of know how?

No, I was supposed to play the drums. WTF? I was in no uncertain terms supposed to do it, so I gamely went up on the (small) stage and picked up the sticks (non-match grip, mind you) and. . . .well, tried to do my best Neil Part impression.

It did not go well. See, usually when I have a dream about guitar I can somehow magically play it really well, even before I bought one and learned. Not this time though. I sucked. Happily, I woke up.

What else. . . .had pizza for dinner. Walked at NGate because it was raining. Posed the flamingoes and alcohol bottles when we got back so tomorrow morning it looks like they had a big ol' St. Paddy's Day party.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

16 March 2017 (Thursday)

This marks two weeks without Facebook. I'm not really missing it. Oh sure, I miss hearing from some people, but mostly not. The hardest part -- and the reason I'm avoiding it -- is that I keep wanting to post things. For instance, I've been readying my flamingoes for a St. Patrick's Day vignette and ordinarily I would have posted the pre-vignette already. But I have not. I have things to work on and Facebook doesn't help.

Another weird night where I was awake in the middle for probably an hour. Only needed 1/4 of an ambien though so that was good. Then I was under until 4:45. Kind of cold on the floor though, that blanket is just not quite enough. I remember dreaming about being cold.

Workout went fine. Actually better than fine: I pressed 600 this morning. 608 to be exact. In actuality, it doesn't feel all that much different from 568. But they were good reps. Otherwise, all felt fine.

Came home and did some work on Coptic stuff mostly and then headed off to Cascadia and did a report there, after doing some more Coptic stuff. Left around 11:30 and went for lunch at McD's. Then I came home and started taking down some of the fence. Which ended up taking down almost all of it. There was one post that was falling over and after taking the stuff out on either side it was apparent that there were three others that were rotted as well. So I took out everything except for the part I redid a couple of years ago. I looked up how to set posts and that should be no problem. The neighbor lady came over and thought it was a good idea and offered to pay for part of it, which was nice. I needed a break so I went to the SBux and had a hot chocolate. When I came back I decided to remove all of the nails from the wood so it could be composted/recycled/whatever. That took an hour. I was drinking a beer while doing so, to get another bottle for the art installation. One more tomorrow and I should have enough for a decent scene.

Just went walking. I found myself very tired out from the labor. That's one thing I have noticed that has declined with age, even though my strength hasn't really gone anywhere.

I listened to a couple of U2 CDs today too. I haven't strayed too far from soft piano/new age/classical stuff for months now. . . .not sure I'm really ready for that yet. But these were. . . .okay. They reminded me of a time when I was going through something similar. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

15 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Kind of a crap day today. When I went to the TV room last night it took quite a while to fall back to sleep. Then I woke up at around 3:50 but managed to go back to sleep again, like a day or so ago. Still, I felt kinda blehh all day. Workout was really good though. Killed it.

It was raining this morning and rained almost all day. I went to Cascadia but was on autopilot and ended up going to Northgate instead which took even longer. And everyone and their brother, sister, grandparents, and dog were out driving today. And driving like putzes. I bought some Guiness at the Slaveway and gave a bottle each to the SBux baristas with a promise to return then empty to me tomorrow or Friday. I worked on a report until around 11 and then headed out.

Went to Spam's Club first. I stopped at the Display and Costume store and got a couple of St. Patrick's decorations for the flamingoes. Then I went to the McD's for lunch. . .but the parking lot was full. The street out front was full. The side street was full. The street a block over was full. So I went home and had ramen.

Then I went out to the car to get the remaining two beers out of the back and when I pulled it out the stupid bottom broke and one fell out and broke on the ground. Grrrrrrrr.

I worked a little more on some Coptic stuff and then went to NGate and had a hot chocolate and then went to an Irish bar that opened at 2 to see if they had Guiness bottles. No. Driving back I stopped around Greenwood and 85th and tried several places around there. No. Finally I went to the UVil and got three domestics at the Ram and a couple of wine bottles at another restaurant. Oh, also gave two bottles to the ladies at Cascadia. I bought another 6 pack of the same stuff (Guiness Draught) and had one when I finally got home around 3;30. Tasty. Seems to be low alcohol so I don't feel too bad either. I think I can drink one tomorrow and one Friday so I should have at least 6-7 by Friday night.

Kind of in a bad mood today too Frustrated a lot. Got angry at things and people easily. Dunno why.

Walked outside, started to rain a bit. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

14 March 2017 (Tuesday)

I write this from the perspective of wishing we had a bidet.

You know what I mean.

Anyway, that starts rather at the end (heh) of the day: I slept semi-okay last night. Well, pretty good. Woke up at 1:30 which I swore at the time must have been much later -- more like 3:30 -- but needed assistance to get back to sleep. On the floor I think. Yes. Was kind of cold. Didn't have an anxiety attack (or whatever) though, which was good. Pretty good workout, too. Still hit 568 though I had to wait. Some dope had like 14 plates on it which would be almost 800. I think I maxed out around 600 back in the day.

Went downtown. Was drizzly this morning. Hardly anyone there, it being finals week and all, so I had the one area almost to myself. Well, it was to myself. I wish I could say I was incredibly productive, but no, instead I hit a big brick wall in regard to Coptic data. It really p***ed me off. Turned out a whole bunch of pharmacy records had their ID numbers botched up so it was mixing records from different people. BUGGERS. Took me over an hour to figure it out, and then it will take a bunch more time to fix. Just a stupid coding error. I'm sure it must have been something with a versioning problem because I just know I had fixed those errors a couple of years ago. Well, grrrrrr anyway.

So I did that. Ate a sandwich the Spousal Unit had brought home last Friday, which was tasty but I think was the cause of my GI distress. I had to get a donut later, too. A FRICKIN $2.40 DONUT. Sheesh. It was okay.

Bus ride home was uneventful, mostly. Bunch of teenagers got on and the dope in front of me was letting his compatriots know that he discovered a single chest hair the day before. He was kind of funny though, as was the young lady he was sharing this with. Actually entertaining for part of it.

Went to UVil to get various things including chocolate milk. I have been nuking that stuff and then getting two shots dumped in it because mochas are too expensive these days. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

13 March 2017 (Monday)

What an eventful day. And not in a particularly good way.

I did manage to sleep quite well, without any assistance. I woke up at 4:04 and figured I'd just lie there a while and say a rosary or something, but the next thing I knew it was 4:40 so I must have dozed off. Also a very good workout. Pretty uncrowded because it's finals week.

I went to Cascadia after doing a bit of work here including getting the pork butt into the slow cooker and doing the dishes. We're finishing up the Kittitas County proposal and I had to update my CV. Also made up a new proposal for a survey in town (actually right across the Montlake Bridge). Was done with all that by 11:30 so I went to NGate for lunch and to get some more chamomile and then to the Target for contact lens stuff. Oh yes, the morning started off with me putting in one lens and having it burn like I just squirted pepper juice in it. Oye. The new disinfecting solution I used had hydrogen peroxide in it which I didn't know you had to use with some sort of thing that neutralized it. Ouch. Anyway, I had to order more right lenses because those keep going bad.

Found out my e-friend Shannon (not her real name) has cancer. Very sad. I don't know how bad but the short description didn't sound very positive. This was right after the Spousal Unit texted to say some guy in her group had a cardiac arrest right in the office. So they had to do CPR, get the medics in, etc. He left alive at least. After coming home for a bit I dropped off some donations at the church and then lit a vigil light for Shannon. . . .and kneeled down in a pew and nearly wept. Just not another one, please.

Anyway, I went to UVil to cash a check and then came home and tried to do some more work. I did some Coptic stuff and a little bit of archaeology, but it was tough to concentrate. Made dinner, cleaned some, etc. Walked. It had rained all day but magically cleared up (or at least stopped) around 4:30 so we could just walk outside.

Meh, just a trying day all around for the most part. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

12 March 2017 (Sunday)

Daylight Saving Time hath begun. That means I slept until 5:15! Which was really 4:15, but without assistance. Which was good. This morning I made a half of a pot of coffee instead of just drinking Diet Coke (although I did drink one DC upon arising; thirsty, donchaknow). I still have the Kenya coffee and it will never be drunk otherwise. I made it a bit too weak but it was okay. I made it through most of one cup and part of another. I just can't get into coffee. My parents didn't drink it growing up and I never developed a taste for it, although occasionally some "diner coffee" -- I'm not sure what that means -- would be delicious. The parents drank tea, although for the longest time my mother drank Sanka (blood pressure) and then in her later years had a cup of instant every morning. I don't know if she continued that; my sister got her a Keurig and she may have switched to that.

Back in 1983 or so when one of the first specialty coffee shops opened in Madison (WI) I made my first serious attempt to become a coffee drinker (mainly to impress a female) but it didn't work. I still have the cup, for old time's sake. Every few years I give it a shot, but I remain a tea/soda addict.

Didn't go to Mass again, for the same reasons I believe I've stated earlier. Did chores instead. Took a short nap. Watched a bunch of the first Indycar race of the season. We went up to the one estate sale, but didn't buy anything. Many of the electronics were still there, because they are overpriced. But I don't need another receiver anyhow (although the one Pioneer would be nice) and the speakers were nothing special. We attempted to find some interesting place to eat in Edmonds but to no avail and ended up at a Pagliacci instead. We got texts from the Spousal Unit's sister indicating that their dad had walked off in a huff after an argument. It's sad; he's beginning to get dementia (mostly memory issues) but the sister and her Significant Other as well as her kid are living with the parents. Not a good situation, but they both appear to be significantly lazy. Too much drama over there.

After that we just went to the UVil for the usual groceries. Home, dinner, walked up to the Riot Aid and ATM on 85th. Rained most of the afternoon, but stopped later in the afternoon.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

11 March 2017 (Saturday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
August 4. Deep Lake. Bobs different from Harold - somehow. I like H. he's older but it doesn't seem so. Stayed all night at Jane's - drove about [140] miles today. 
That's pretty much the end of this stuff. One week from today we begin our five years with Jean. I'll try to dig up some more on her this week.

Was very angry at 3:15 this morning BECAUSE I WAS F***ING AWAKE. I don't know why, it just made me very mad this morning. I took 1/4 ambien and put my pillows on the floor and. . . .actually went back to sleep until 5:15. So it wasn't too bad. Still irritated the crap out of me. Well, I woke up on the couch and my back hurt and it just made me angry.

Anyway. Hung out until the Spousal Unit got up and then we went out for breakfast. The scrambled eggs at this place (Burgermaster) taste like plastic half the time. I think they use these Egg Beaters things. Didn't even eat half of them. Bacon was good though. Once at home I decanted my beer into the secondary fermenter -- actually, I just drain it into the second barrel and filter it some so when I bottle it it's nice and clear. I measured the specific gravity and it came out to about 4.5% alcohol which is way higher than I wanted darn it. I'm still shooting for about 3%. Grrrr.

We went to a movie again (at noon), 'Arrival' this time. Meh. I like Amy Adams. I suppose it was pretty good, but ultimately stupid. No, you can't see the future just by writing a different way. But it was kind of clever anyway. Worth a couple of hours out of the rain, I guess. Came home after going to the grocery store and then whiled away the afternoon doing some chores and making dinner, etc. I drank a beer. Mainly because I need at lest a couple of bottles for my flamingo diorama next weekend. Still need to go to a bar.

Walked at NGate because it was raining.

FWIW, I haven't been commenting upon my state of mind or any of that crap lately (you're welcome). I'm (hopefully) settling into something long term. As few emotions as possible one way or the other; no happy, no sad, no nothing. Concentrating on improving everyone around me; nothing for me. Well, not nothing; I don't refrain from doing things that are good for me. I do try my damnedest* to refrain from doing things that are bad for me, unless they are good for someone else. Mainly taking myself the f*** out of the equation. So far, so good. I think.

(Spell check says that's correct)

Friday, March 10, 2017

10 March 2017 (Friday)

August 3: straight. Saw Lakes Sunset, Cresent[sic], Sutherland. Saw CCC boys - roads bad about 10 mi. Stopped at [Tuncey] Wash. Drove 394 mi. 
I guess this was a pretty okay day. I slept pretty well I guess. Think I woke up at around 3 and had a pink pill and 1/4 ambien and went back to sleep until 4:30. Really good workout, too. I just felt like working very hard. 

I spent most of the morning at home, first doing Coptic work and then a little of the archaeology report. Called my mom at 8:30 and she sounded good. For the most part it was a fairly normal conversation, at least what I could understand of it. She kept talking about therapy or the therapist so perhaps she's doing that again. Asked me what I was doing tomorrow. It was nice. In fact, I got all of my tasks done by 9 -- call mom, make wedding hotel reservations, and contact aunt P about this summer. 

I left the house about 11:20 and parked at the U Bookstore because I needed more Write In The Rain paper. so I got that and a new pencil to use in the field (may not work very well), and then had lunch at Pagliacci. Thence to get my hair cut. Anne was doing okay although she's still pretty broken up about her cat. She's had pet rats before but she got more attached to Piper. I understand that, obviously. 

After that I drove up to Lake Forest Park to check on an estate sale. Lots of stereo equipment. The electronics were okay (Marantz and Pioneer receivers) but overpriced; I think they just looked on eBay for prices. Several pairs of speakers but none. . . .well, there were some ADS's that were good, but not my bag. Guy was a Man's Man: lots of hunting gear, bows, arrows, gun parts, etc. I may go back Sunday and see if I can snag some stuff. Don't really need another receiver though, and I would imagine they need repair. 

Afterwards I went to the UVil SBux because I was parched and had a hot chocolate. Not many interesting people to watch though. Came home, read, we walked up to the thai place for dinner. I had a merlot. Meh. 

Right where I want to be today: smack in the middle and not feeling much of anything. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

9 March 2017 (Thursday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
August 2. Drove the Coast Range. stopped[sic] at Depot Bay and saw Deep Sea Aquarium and Museum. Stopped at Lookout Pt. Cabins at Bar View. drove 434 miles straight.
I think Depoe Bay is in Oregon.

I guess today was okay. Didn't quite sleep that well. I woke up at 3:30 and thought I would never get back to sleep but I did, at least for a little while. I woke up at 4:30. My dreams always seem to last a long time but then I wake up and not quite so long.

Workout was. . .meh. Weights just seemed heavy this morning. I still did 568 on the press though. Much less crowded than it's been today, too, I think tomorrow is the last day of classes for the quarter.  Did a little work at home and then headed to Cascadia. We're working on the Kittitas proposal so people are in a bit of a tizzy. Due next Monday. I had to update my CV, and found I have done a LOT of reports. I need to get those all down in EndNote and stick them into my other CVs for bulk. I stayed there until about 11:40 and then went to McD's for lunch. Fiona has an interview tomorrow so we met today and got caught up. Went to the grocery store after that and got dinner stuff. Walked up by NGate because it was raining all day.

One full week without Facebook. I have 18 Notifications. It's been surprisingly easy to not go look. It's been a bit harder not to post. I took a nice photo yesterday in the field and wanted to post it but didn't. A few other things occurred to me to post, but I didn't. I don't know, I kind of don't care much. I do miss seeing what some of the people are up to, but. . . . I really need to get my attention-whoring tendencies under control before venturing back. May be a while. So far no one has noticed. Which may be a good or bad thing? I don't know. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
August 25 '37. horses - walked around. Roasted wines[sic] and had big supper. Rained at nite[sic]. Sang on way home - got lost _.
I really do like this chick.

Long day. I had to take out my contacts to write this as they were so dry and cloudy I could barely read the diary. I managed to sleep okay last night (no bizarro dreams, that I remember anyway), but I woke up at 3:20 and almost started to have a stupid anxiety attack (or whatever). I arrested it quick-like with half an ambien -- I was NOT going to not get back to sleep -- and a rosary. Well, I don't think I made it through a single decade. Anyway, well rested. Worked out really well, too. Here is the conversation between Stewart and I:

Stewart: "Hey, now [other person]'s has the elbow thing, too." (I had it, he had it, now this guy had it)

Me: "Wow, I had no idea it was contagious."

S: "I guess so."

M: "I mean, I know you guys really want to Be Like Me and all, but that's a little much."

S: *laughing while trying to do something*

Anyway, funny. I got him to do some of my patented shoulder exercises. Maybe because I've gotten buff lately due to a slackening of injuries. *knock wood*

I went to the Noah's bagels at QFC and got a fresh one and a soda, and then headed up to Camano. Uneventful. Stopped at the SBux in Stanwood. When I got to the sit I almost gagged because there was a huge hole underneath the house which had already been raised. I thought they had done all that excavation without a monitor! But no, they just raised it and that was the hole it was sitting in. Good crew of guys, which I commented upon. A lot of construction crews are always yelling at each other and junk, but these guys were friendly and polite with each other. Probably the boss's influence. Anyway, it went fine, not a thing significant found and it was actually quite pleasant. Sun was out half of the time. I was done by 11:15.

Drove home and had the lunch I'd brought, and then unloaded the car and put everything away. Jana sent an email for another small survey, this time just over the Montlake bridge so nice and close. I look forward to that one.

I went to SBux to unwind. Not too many people there, not much interesting scenery. Picked up prescriptions at the Bartell's and headed home. Practiced guitar a bit but my fingers hurt more than usual. I'm still working on the Spanish riff. Not much else. Was tired, just from the drive and standing around. Well, hanging out in the weather kinda wipes me out. That's what makes my contacts all dry and stuff. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

7 March 2017 (Tuesday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
August 20, 1937. came up [sic] He said "I don't think!" I can but he came up. He talked more about 'Hi' than anything else. 
That really didn't make much sense. But that's what was there.

Weird day. Rained all day. I woke up at 3 and I'm not sure if I got back to sleep. If I did, it was between about 3:45 and 4:30. I didn't feel rotten all day, so I suspect I did. Workout was similarly weird. I was doing well but when I was doing lunges I tweaked my right hamstring or thereabouts. Medial from the actual hamstring. Never done that before. Didn't hurt doing anything else, but I can still feel it.

Came home and started in on Coptic stuff and got myself all confused about changing ID numbers but I finally figured things out. The Honder was ready and Fiona drove me over there around 10:30. More than I thought it would be, and I sure hope its 's fixed. I may have seen a leak again this afternoon though.

Went to 5 Guys for lunch, came home and did some more Coptic work and then went to UVil for some dinner supplies and things for the field tomorrow. Everything is ready, I think.

Played guitar for a bit. Not well. Dinner, walked up to Slaveway.

I had made sure to remember yet another bizarre dream I had last night but I'm having trouble remembering it now. Oh yes, I had discovered that Seattle had another major league baseball team that I didn't know about, centered somewhere north of here (like Everett or something) and the stadium was built to resemble an ancient Roman amphitheater complete with Roman concrete and brick work. In a nice, serene location, too, very pleasant. Right before I woke up I was sitting down in a restaurant there and the waiter was explaining that they would do things like ancient Romans did them and if we gave him a sign that we would be discussing Important Political Matters he would be silent while serving, or something like that. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

6 March 2017 (Monday)

I had the oddest dream last night upon falling asleep the first time: I opened the front door and saw my old coworker Hendrika walking past (with a dog, I think) and I started talking to her through the open door but then Jack started trying to nose his way out and while I was trying to keep him in I was trying to remember what I had to ask her that was so important. And it irritated me that I couldn't remember and I finally asked her how one would go about obtaining activated charcoal.

I really wonder about me sometimes.

I ended up sleeping fairly well though. Only minor assistance the first time. Workout was really good, at least the first 2/3 or so, then I started to get tired. Came home and went to Cascadia fairly soon, stopping at the Church to drop off some donations first. I didn't do much there except work on Coptic stuff because I'd only gone in to help Randall with the SDOT proposal and he was late coming in. Did that and left by 11:40 or so. Ate my pad thai leftovers at home. Went to UVil, but decided just to sit in the SBux for a bit because the pad thai had made my stomach sour so I got a hot chocolate. Came home and did some more Coptic work and then started learning a little Spanish guitar piece I found on the web. Mostly for the fingering practice. Made dinner, walked, etc. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

5 March 2017 (Sunday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
July 27, 1937. Ate lunch and walked through rock garden in daylight. Rode back on train - stopped at Arlington on the way home. Beautiful trip. 
There are four more entries in the  back of the book and then the regular diary starts on March 18. So I have a few days to enter those and then we'll get on with Jean's life.

Day 3 without Facebook: Still don't really care. One of the Car Lust guys mentioned me in a post but I didn't even bother looking at it. I haven't even opened it up since Thursday morning. I don't know if I'll ever go back. I probably will. But I need time away from it. Completely.

Slept pretty well again last night without assistance. Didn't go to Mass again. I don't know, it hasn't been doing anything for me. Kind of the same stuff over and over again and, well, I seem to have gotten more useful stuff to change me elsewhere. Perhaps, like Facebook, I just need some time away.

Otherwise, I stayed busy most of the morning, cleaning, changing the litter box, etc. Took a little time out for a nap (like 20 minutes) and then did more stuff. Did the usual UVil stuff and then watched the race while doing still more chores. Oh, I did the taxes this morning. Still trying to get them submitted because they keep getting rejected for not having the Spousal Unit's PIN, so I had to wade through instructions until I found it. Anyway, that's done for the year.

What else. Nothing much. Walked at UVil because I needed donut holes for the mornings and also got a small watermelon. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

4 March 2017 (Saturday)

Today was a good first step on a long road.

I actually slept well last night without assistance. Ate breakfast in and then went to the gym. Sweated about a gallon on the cycle. We went up to Woodinville and the Molbak's (big plant store) up there, among other places. I got some sort of jasmine for the back fence (north side).

Came home, played guitar a little but it was hard on my thumb. Still injured from the Recycling Incident. Walked at NGate as it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't.

Janice sent us a message about Mom this evening. Apparently, mom is doing pretty well lately. She was sitting out in the sun room and liked chatting and was apparently going to some little exercise classes. I really hope she gets more active and involved where she is now (same place, next floor up). 

Friday, March 3, 2017

3 March 2017 (Friday)

Kind of a dreary day. Slept reasonably well, but with assistance. This weekend I plan on not using any, regardless. So it might be a tired, cranky weekend.

Workout went really well though. I did some work here and then went to Cascadia. Finished a draft of the SoW for SDOT so I hope that goes through well. Left there to check on the Honder and it was almost done except for the gasket for the tail light. Essentially, they're doing what I did, but better. Thought it might have been done this afternoon, but they didn't call. Washed the car (Lezzie) because a bird left a big ol' dumper on it and gassed it up and went for lunch at the 5 Guys and had a burger. On a Friday. During Lent. Because I don't care. I also had chicken for supper. Because I don't care.

Did some laundry and went to UVil QFC for some bread and eggs for tomorrow. Watched Iron: Legacy. I left early to pick up the Spousal Unit by the stadium because the traffic was probably awful (it was) and we went to McD's. I walked. Walked farther than I had planned because I was paying attention to works and idiots walking their dogs in the middle of the street.

First full day without f***ing Facebook. I don't even care what's on it.

My aim is to not care about a lot. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2 March 2017 (Thursday)

What a crap day.

Started off pretty well, I slept okay, albeit with a lot of assistance. Was in a decent mood to start off, workout went well, although I had to mix up my routine because a lot of people were there using stuff.

Then it went downhill. First thing, Facebook really p***ed me off. I hardly ever scroll through it anymore just because of all the political crap, and I've been getting tired of it anyway. A couple of days ago I clicked Hide This Post from a Friend, and it did hide it for a couple of days. . .until this morning when Facebook decided I should see it again because the Friend commented on it. WHAT PART OF 'HIDE THIS POST' DON'T YOU GET, YOU A**HOLES? Probably wouldn't ordinarily annoy me that much but it was almost like the last straw with it. I did my usual #TBT post and almost added something at the end to the effect that it would be my last one. It might be, I don't know. I didn't even look at it all day.

The morning at Cascadia was okay, I guess. Randall is having me do a fairly significant proposal with SDOT (so far I'm anonymous so they can't look up the nasty emails I sent them) and it's going pretty well. Left there and as I was driving down 25th at 65th some dope got in the right hand lane and tried to cut in but I wouldn't let him so he honked and I honked and then he tailgated me all the way down the hill. @sshat. I would have flipped him off but I'm bigger than that.

So I decided, probably stupidly, to make beer this afternoon. That went about as well as could be expected. Actually not too bad. Well, except for having it splash me, my pants, my slippers, and the floor when I was pouring it into the barrel. And except for boiling the dumb stuff for almost 30 minutes before realizing I hadn't put in the malt. Which is like trying to make wine without grapes. I hope it ferments this time.

Went for takeout thai food. At least that was entirely uneventful. Walked at NGate, even did a lap up the parking ramp and down again.

So I dunno. Foul mood almost all day. I kind of don't even care about eating meat or not tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Bad night last night. I think I'd started to fall asleep but then Jack came in meowing and I woke up and had a heck of a time getting back to sleep (probably after 10:30). Then I slept until 2:30 but then Jack -- again -- decided that I needed to go to the TV room so he sat on me and meowed until I went in there, at which point I had another devil of a time getting back to sleep (not to mention another intense anxiety attack (or whatever)), probably not until 3:30. So, tired.

Decent workout I guess. Came home and then went off to Cascadia, initially having nothing to do, but then a couple of proposal projects came up so I have some work for today and tomorrow. There was one big RFP that I'd started on, but Randall decided someone else should do (thank God because I was lost). But one is for SDOT, who I hate, so perhaps I will pad it with extra costs and f*** them. The other is for Seattle Parks and a nice little planting project at Marymoor which would be nice to do. I went to lunch at NGate and then came back there and worked a bit more. Toby the cat was in the house this morning. He/she likes lots of attention and when I picked him/her up he/she ruled me a lot under my chin and stuff.

When I came home I went to UVil to get some dinner stuff and then when I got back I took a scythe to my desk and got rid of anything really personal. Name plate, family photos, everything. I dunno, I just want a clean slate from now on. I didn't throw anything out, but put it all in my old photo album. Well, some rocks and stuff I put in a drawer; at some point if I don't miss them at all I'll chuck them outside.

Oh, also bought beer ingredients which I shall try again on Friday.

Walked the Wedgwood Rock route.