Thursday, February 9, 2017

9 February 2017 (Thursday)

Slept badly for part of last night. I woke up at about 12:45 and was awake for probably 1.5-2 hrs mostly worrying about how I'd pay for the stupid recliner which I just remembered at around 8. Slept until 5 after that. Workout was okay.

Went over to the Home and Mom was still in the dining room and her new chair was out in the hallway. We got that put in and then she never sat in it all day. Jerry and Janice came by around 11 so I left to get the chair money and a couple of other things. The plumbers called and said the guy would be over for the garbage disposal around noon so I got some Rocky's and took it home and ate it while he was doing that. He replaced it because whatever was inside of it was bent and just scraping along, when it would even run. After that I went and shipped a few items home and then went to the Home again. And Mom was gone! Not in her room and the nurses didn't know where she was either. Hmmmm. I asked around and found she'd gone to an Activity! Yay! Voluntarily! It was a dog thing. She doesn't like dogs. But I was glad she went. Then I waited until 4 and me and Jerry, Janice, Linda, and Patty went to Schwartz's, yum. Had a large brandy old fashioned which I didn't finish and a huge slab of meat that I didn't finish. Nice time though. They dropped me back at the Home and I chatted with Mom some more and then came home. 

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