Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8 February 2017 (Wednesday)

Odd sleeping last night: I woke up in kind of a "fit" at 10:45 and had a devil of a time getting back to sleep, mind just racing in all different directions. Not really an anxiety attack (or whatever), but it took two doses of ambien to calm down and go back to sleep. But then I slept until after 4:30 straight through. Workout was only marginally good. Rode the cycle for like 30 minutes.

I hit the Home around 9:30 and they came promptly at 10 to start moving. Was all done and out by 10:40. The Propsons came in before the move. I like them. Barely knew them as a kid.

I was kind of worried about leaving her there to go to lunch but I figured she was used to it and needs to get used to her new table mates and such. I hope she ends up making some friends there. I know she is probably embarrassed because she can't talk all that well, but I hope that some of the other residents make her feel more comfortable with it. I know if she even tries a little bit she will make fast friends.

I went to the 11:11 place for lunch (takes too long) and then came home and did some stuff before heading out again. Was going to Skype with Phyllis but she never contacted me back. Left around 3:15 and had to stop at the store on the way. Watched a bit of TV again (Sherlock) and then went to Culver's for dinner because I am sick of cooking crap. Gille's again. Back to the Home after a walk at the mall. 

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