Monday, February 6, 2017

8 February 2017 (Monday)

Managed to sleep mostly crappy again last night. *sigh* Today I drank no alcohol. I tried drinking something every day so far, partly for fun, but I also wanted to find out if it would affect that again (either positively or negatively) and I think it probably does. Workout this morning went really well though.

Did a little work at home and then went to the Home via SBux. Mom was in kind of a tired whiny mood and didn't seem too happy. Also she got a new TV and she seemed perturbed at the time it was taking to boot up. She napped so I went out and did some more work in the lobby. I lunched at Rocky's and then went home and packed up some stuff to ship, left for the Goodwill, went to the Staples for a bigger box for the other stuff and then came home and decided the little box wasn't packed well enough so I just stuck it in with the big box and then shipped it this afternoon. Wait, on the way back the first time I stopped at the A&W and had a cone. With the window open because it was no nice out, although it was only 38 degrees. I guess I'm acclimated because I also didn't wear a sweatshirt all day.

When I got back to the Home I decided to set up her phone service and this is what transpired as I wrote on her Facebook wall:

I spent approximately three days (read: one hour) on the phone with AT&T attempting to set up basic phone service. The first half was spent setting up, not basic phone service, which the (un)helpful salesman said was unavailable, but Internet and VOIP phone which would involve much setup time and more money than I had been led to believe. It also included, but was not limited to, being cutoff without my knowledge and then having my phone ring its ring directly in my ear at approximately 180 decibels. Dear Mother was highly amused by that and sat there smiling for at least 2 full minutes.  
Me: "I'm glad your amused at my impending deafness." 
Mom: *smile smile smile* 
After arranging all of that, I consulted Lutheran Home staff again and they assured me that basic phone service really is available through AT&T. So I spent the next half an hour getting pushed from person to person and finally arranging to cancel the old order and, hopefully, getting the new service set up. I managed to accomplish the former at least and when I finally hung up I told her 
"Well, an hour on the phone and I accomplished absolutely nothing." 
Mom (quite clearly): "I was entertained."
She was also chatty when I came back this even, after another Gille's run. I found a sticker in the front window that was probably what was causing them to skip my car and scraped most of it off; quick service tonight. 

Am pretty pleased with her so far. She's been fairly clear a lot of the time and hasn't been saying a lot of weird stuff. Some, but not a whole lot. She does have Good Days and Bad Days but I think it's an improvement. 

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