Sunday, February 5, 2017

5 February 2017 (Sunday)

Busy day today. I woke up at around 3 (I think) but then after minor assistance slept until *gasp* 5:15! Went to McD's and then did some more cleaning and stuff. I was assembling a bunch of stuff to give away when Barb suggested leaving much of the remaining stuff for the estate sale, which I thought was a good idea. I'll just try to get rid of junk junk from now on, of which there isn't very much left. Went over to the Home around 9:30. Skyped with Barb about 10:30? Mom wasn't very talkative. But I saw Harold the 3-legged cat and he seemed to be fine.

I drove up to Oshkosh to pick up a new TV for Mom's new room and ate lunch up there at a Culver's. Stopped in to the Duluth Trading Co. store, but got nothing, popped over to the outlet mall and just grabbed a waffle thermal and two bright green underwear from the Jockey store, only because it was Buy-2-get-one-free. And everybody needs hi-vis underwear. Learned that the Land's End store went out because the mall tried to triple their rent and Land's End just walked away. Sad because that was still a true "outlet" store with lots of seconds and returns and stuff.

When I got back I did a little shopping at the Festival and found a $10 bill on the floor! Yay for me. Then back to the Home and Skyped with Jeff and his family (and Barb) and Mom was still mostly uncommunicative. She also had gas that utterly reeked. Left about 3:30. Decided to have a few sips of bourbon again, man that stuff packs a punch. Watched another episode of Space:1999. It's still kind of a neat show, though the style and technology are really dated. And all the hair!

I picked up Panda Express for dinner, mostly just vegetables and some chow mein. Drove to Gille's and almost drove away because I was being ignored. I think there may be something on the windshield that looks like a ticket? A couple of times they looked at the car like they were checking for a ticket (they put a number under the wiper blade when they take your order) and then walked away. Parked at the library and walked with my computer but was unable to get ahold of Phyllis to Skype this evening. 

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