Saturday, February 4, 2017

4 February 2017 (Saturday)

Starting this early as I'll be heading over to Mom's this evening and walking most of the way back. Slept like crap again last night. I woke up at 2:15 and had to read for a while before I could get back to sleep. I slept then until 4:45, having started out in the bed, down to the couch, then back up to the bed after 2:15. Went to McD's of breakfast at 6, then did some laundry and went to see the pool people at the Eden Grill around 8, stopping at the SBux (new) out by the Festival Foods on the east side. Left there about 9:15 and went to the gym. It's pretty cold in that place but I still sweated a lot so a decent workout.

After putting the laundry in the dryer I went to see mom briefly. The one nurse, who is very nice, told me that last week she had dragged her foot all the way down the hallway to lunch and then sat at the table and said "I don't want to do this" several times. . . . .but then ate the whole thing. I went off to lunch at the Rocky's and then took the faucet back to Menard's. Came home and started cleaning the dressers in the upstairs bedrooms, just taking the photos and junk out from under the glass tops, cleaning the glass and the wood underneath and on top. Wasn't much of interest there. Left around 1:45 and went to the Pick N Save to get a couple brats, K-cup tea, and cash and then went to the Culver's for some ice cream because I was dying.

Went back to the Home around 2:30. She was coughing a lot, but generally seemed fairly comfortable. Mom was also drinking a lot of water this afternoon and when the nurse came to give her more she said "Thank you" very clearly. When I went back this evening she was chipper as well and I understood most of what she was saying and it wasn't weird. I went to Gille's for the first time this year (they opened for the season today) and it was very crowded. But okay. I parked at the library and walked to the Home and back.

I also bought a bottle of bourbon this afternoon, Just Because. I've felt like it. Top Shelf (at least for around here), Maker's Mark. Good flavor but I only had a small amount. It seemed appropriate. 

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