Friday, February 3, 2017

3 February 2017 (Friday)

Just got back from a cold cold walk. Not very far, just up to 15th or so and then across to Elizabeth Waters and back. We got back from fish at KC Hall around 7 and I needed the walk since I drank almost two pints of beer!

Over like 3 hours. Still, for me that's almost like a binge. Went with Kaye Kelly (old neighbor) and Fritz (old neighbor and bestie from way back when). Nice time. Mike came over about 4:30 and we talked and had a bit o' beer and then Kaye came and got us at 5.

Slept better last night. Still required a couple of hits of ambien at times, still probably dealing with the time change. Workout was really good. Did some Cascadia work and then went to the Home and did some more work while mom was visiting with Janice and some other relatives. She was tired but enjoyed the visit, I think. I left for lunch and then went and got a new faucet and hit a couple of antique stores on Main St. after checking on the recliner again. One of the nurses said her aunt had just gotten a new fancy schmancy recliner at her during home but then died a week later and we may be able to buy it. Also stopped by the bank and chatted with Meghan the banker a bit -- she helped us a lot when mom first had the stroke -- and then went home. The plumber called and said the guy could come out this afternoon, which he did. He remembered dad fondly as well. We decided to just clean and fix the old faucet since it went so well with the sink. After he left I went through some more stuff, lots of old comic books and other stuff.

No plans for tomorrow except meeting the pool people for breakfast and then I'll probably hit the gym. Otherwise no real plans. 

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