Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Actually slept well last night. Again, a couple of times I woke up and felt a big ol' anxiety attack (or whatever) coming on, but the start of a rosary quashed it. So, good. Workout was pretty good too. Stewart was still feeling badly, seems like he's had the same cold for weeks now. Hope that's all it is.

Came home and did some Cascadia work and then too the Spousal Unit to the airport. May not do that again during the day during the week: complete traffic mess on the way back, although it involved an accident. I did manage to get back into town (and at Cascadia) by 11:15, but only stayed there for a while. I'll have some work to do this week as I am going to prepare (most of) a proposal for the on-call archaeologists for Kittitas County. Never done one before.

Left there and went to lunch at the Five Guys, just had fries. Then went home and did a little more work and then went to the UVil to get some more chocolate milk and some asparagus for dinner/supper. Came home, practiced trumpet a bit (meh) and then watched a stupid episode of Space: 1999 -- hilarious: they found the Voyager 1 which was launched in 1985 and it was a huge thing with a super-powered thingamajig drive that sent it to the outer edges of the galaxy and could carry people! -- and then ate dinner and walked at NGate. Home now, going to play with the cats and watch. . .something.

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