Thursday, February 23, 2017

23 February 2017 (Thursday)

Kind of a rough day today. Had another stupid anxiety attack (or whatever) in the middle of the night, ended up seeping until. . .4:15? I don't remember. Chamomile isn't doing it's job, apparently. I'll give it another week and then if this keeps up maybe ask of a refill on whatever the other junk I had was. Or maybe not, I don't know.

Workout went pretty well, still a lot of people down there. Still at 568 lbs on the press and it was difficult today. Will definitely need to keep working at it to hit 600 on my birthday.

Went up to campus and ate my bagel and hung out at the library before meeting Dennis the alcohol research guy. Decent meeting, he seems optimistic about money. Went over to see my friend Anne who has been cutting my hair for like 25 years. She lost her cat last weekend and is still pretty broken up about it. I brought a card and she didn't even look at it, one assume because she didn't want to cry. Apparently, she noticed she (Piper) was breathing kind of heavily and took her to the vet thinking she'd get a pill or something and that was that. Well. Its lungs were half full of fluid and they thought it was either congestive heart failure or cancer and. . . .well, she decided not to try and treat. I can understand that. I might have tried something, but I won't judge. Still, very sad.

Went home and ate ramen for lunch and then started cleaning for a while before going to UVil to get some dinner stuff (steaks) and then home again to do more cleaning. Thought I'd fixed the grandfather clock but no. The hour hand is not moving properly.

I dunno, was kind of sad most of this afternoon, partly because the cat thing got me down but also. . . .well, you know. The usual.

Addendum the next day: Forgot to mention that I learned the overture to the movie Iron: Legacy on my trumpet. Fairly simple but grand.

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