Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 February 2017 (Wednesday)

Another sucky night. Woke up twice and then again at 2:30 and I'm not entirely sure I got back to sleep. I must have dozed at least because I didn't feel utterly crappy. Generalized anxiety attacks (or whatever) both times. Today I went back to taking chamomile, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Started to wonder if, instead of wearing off, I just got used to not feeling so anxious (or whatever). So I'm going to try this stuff for a week or two again.

Oddly, I had a really good workout. Partially because I lowered the weight and did more reps instead. Still quite a lot of people there, it's only tailed off somewhat.

Came home and did some work and then took the Honder up to the place for leak repairs. Guy seemed to know what he was doing although his paperwork seems a bit. . .disorganized. And one guy was bringing his car back for some re-do. I guess we'll see. I have a feeling, after going back after lunch since he'd called, that he will essentially end up doing what I did, badly. Stupid car.

Anyway, I'd walked up to the Shop and then hung out there until Fiona came and picked me up (bless her). Went to lunch at McD's, went to the body shop, and then went to UVil to try and set up mom's phone at the ATT store there. Failed. They would do the landline for $20 a month, but it used some goofy base station box. And they said if I wanted just the basic plug-in phone I would have to go through the local ATT store there. I tried calling but got shunted back to the main menu when the recording said staff could only talk about accounts in person. WTF? Anyway, pain in the ass.

So I came home and fixed the trellis in the back, or at least secured it. I want to just let vines overgrow the dumb thing instead of rebuilding it. Then I cleaned some and also hung some pictures that have been lying around. Getting rid of some more stuff, too. I like the neat and uncluttered look.

Walked to the MM, but didn't get anything.

Anyway, tired all day, but not too cranky. 

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