Monday, February 20, 2017

20 February 2017 (Monday)

Had the first anxiety attack (or whatever) in a while at 1:30 this morning. Nothing in particular. Sucked, but whatever. Was awake probably an hour and then slept almost until 5. Out cold on the floor after that. Didn't go to the gym because it's Washington's Birthday, and instead cleaned half of the downstairs carpet. Was delayed somewhat when I found that it wasn't spraying. I finally traced the problem to the valve on the bottom of the water tank that seemed to be sticking. Went okay after that.

Once that was drying I went off to Cascadia for a very short while. I did a little bit of work but not much, mostly working on the Kom el-Hisn plant data. The 1988 analyst wants nothing to do with it so I'm just using my old data. Preliminary analysis suggests nothing chronological is visible, but I have some more to do with it. I left there and checked out a couple of body shop places, one of which I am taking the Honder to on Wednesday. Seemed like a capable, professional guy. Hit Lowe's after that for a bracket to fix the trellis and some parsley seeds. We can apparently grow that in the back and actually use it, sooooo. . . .

Went to lunch at McD's. Came home, did a little more work, and then went to UVil for some dinner stuff (pesto and a watermelon) and then home to put the downstairs back together. Played my trumpet brilliantly, too. Was hitting the high F easily and well, and also played the high version of Amazing Grace (starting at F) quite well. Tone was excellent as well. So much more fun to play than the guitar because I can get better quickly. And I know what I'm doing.

Walked to the post office and back even though it was a little drizzly. Also called Margie -- Norma's friend and mine from Assumption -- and she was quite delighted to come by Saturday.

Note: Also practiced guitar and did pretty well, too. 

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