Thursday, February 2, 2017

2 February 2017 (Thursday)

Yes, missed yesterday's post because I didn't even think of it until today. Flight out was okay. Sat next to some tall goofy millennial-type who was fidgety and slept a lot. Kind of a dork. But not irritating. Got into MKE about 2:15 and was on the road before 3, in a Challenger. V6 but not bad. Visibility is terribly and the auto transmission is a true slushbox, but I really liked it. Good size, handled really nicely and the power was very adequate. Hard ride though. And I kept hitting my head getting in and out of it. But very nice to drive.

House was in order. Temp was at 60, Jeff had turned off several water sources (toilets and bathroom sinks), but the sidewalk and driveway were all clear thanks to Kaye Kelly (former neighbor). Need to get her something for doing that. Popped in to see Mom and she was fine. Her left eye is open most of the time now, albeit only up to halfway. And the eyeball just points to the left, but it is doing a little bit of tracking along with the other one. Could understand much of what she said. I went to Festival Foods after that to get supplies. I decided to get a 6 pack -- oh, also had a beer right when I got home, I was just parched -- of good beer and one of probably marginal beer: One Leinenkugels and then one of Old Style. The latter just came back after a decade or more absence. We used to call it Old Bile. I am trying some now and, despite the manufacturer's assurances that they have gone back to the old recipes, I'm quite unimpressed. When they had some Schlitz a year or so ago with the old recipe I quite liked it. This stuff is blehh though.

Slept mostly badly last night, didn't get to sleep until 11 and then up at 5 and needed at least two rounds of assistance.

So, slept rather badly, but workout was really good despite the sleep and beer. Brenda was there -- whose name I'd forgotten, bad me -- and she set me up with 9 days. Scare myself: I'd forgotten the lock combination! Happily, I'd stuffed the bag in the lower (unlocked) locker and it had the combo in it. *whew* Might go there Saturday as well.

Came home and took the Challenger to the rental place and the guy drove me to SBux and the Home. Decent fellow, black dude from Chicago, and is up here going to Marian University. Drove like a maniac. Went to the Home until about 11:20 and then walked down Main St. Stopped at WG&R furniture to look for a recliner and found one: Guy had a leather La-Z-Boy in the back for $249 from about $649. So I'm getting that tomorrow. Went to the burger place (11:11) and had icky cajun fries. Too spicy/salty or whatever. Came home, inflated the tires, froze fingers, piddled around, and went out again to look for used recliners (none) but bought a small lamp for the dining room. Hung out with mom until about 3 and then went to grocery store and then home where I tried the Old Style (drank not even half of it), and did some more sorting and cleaning and tossing.

Went back to the Home after going to the mall and getting some socks -- thought I had a bunch of those here -- and then to see mom for a bit more. Now I shall write an update and call the Spousal Unit and then hopefully get a decent night's sleep. 

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