Sunday, February 19, 2017

19 February 2017 (Sunday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
May 31, 1937 [Crossed at] The Dalles on a tug holding 4 cars. Sandy country from there to Topenish[sic]. stayed all night at Yakima. Drove 412 mi got rock for Aunt Jone's rock garden. Bon saw Snoqualmie Falls for 1st time. Threw rocks down & spray carried them far. Separated near Inglewood. The Highways were grans (Drove 192 mi). Numbers were 99-30-830-97-410-10.
That's actually too long of an entry, I think she wrote down the date (May 30) twice so this is really a part of May 30 and May 31.

Kind of a crap day, I think. Slept okay, at least until 4. Didn't do much all morning except watch a documentary on the old XFL and then some NASCAR racing for a little. Then I did some chores, the usual stuff. Also cleaned out some of the TV room closet, getting rid of a few more items. Went to the Goodwill to drop some stuff off and then lunch at the BBQ place on Lake City. UVil for the usual stuff, although my guts were. . .well, being disruptive Dunno what about, maybe the new Belgian buttermilk I used for the pancakes this morning maybe. The afternoon was mostly spent recovering from that. I did watch a movie called "Risen" which is basically the Resurrection from the perspective of a Roman tribune. Not bad. I thought it captured the period rather well. Not terribly exciting, but okay.

Went to UVil for walk because it looked rainy, but it really wasn't. Bought a sympathy card for my friend Anne who lost her cat recently. Very sad. 

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