Saturday, February 18, 2017

18 February 2017 (Saturday)

Kind of a really day. Dark, overcast, light rain most of the day. I did sleep well though. Went out for breakfast and then came back and instead of going to the gym I did a lot of decluttering. Got rid of a lot of junk that's been sitting around for years. I threw out an old pillow with my name on it that a former girlfriend made for me. Also a bunch of Playstation games -- I got rid of the actual Playstation console several months ago, I think. Also some other junk. Partly because we're having guests over next Saturday, partly because I am going to clean the downstairs carpet Monday and needed to get rid of stuff for that, but I am feeling less like keeping old stuff around unless it really means something to me.

We went to Gilman Village in Issaquah and had lunch at a Greek place (meh) and then I took the old clock and pocket watch that belonged to my grandparents to a clock shop there. $400 and $300, respectively. I'll wait to do that until I'm more employed. Didn't do much else there, as there aren't really any neat places that interest either one of us (except for a new knitting store). So we just came home. Stopped at the Metropolitan Market for some . . . something. Also walked up there for eggs this evening. Otherwise, I practiced my guitar some, watched some TV, and then made dinner.

Indifferent and glad of it. 

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