Thursday, February 16, 2017

16 February 2017 (Thursday)

Had a decent enough day today. Slept very well, only waking up once. Maybe the melatonin was the problem? Who knows. Workout went great though. I hit 10*45+118=568 lbs on the leg press. Coupla 25 lb plates and I'm over 600 again. Go me.

I went to the shop for a little bit and only worked on some Nom el-Hisn floral data and then went to the doctor. We decided to bag the anti-depression/anxiety meds. Will go back in May for another checkup. Will stick to ambien for the sleeping. She thought a sleep study would only tell me if I had sleep apnea. Not sure about that. Anyway, she also said my thing on my eyelid was just a clogged pore/duct. When I woke up this morning it was white and it kind of popped when I rubbed it so I figured that. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her "Indifferent". Then she asked me what I cared about and that caught me off guard so I just said my family. Whatever.

After that I came home and then had lunch at McD's and then drove the old Marian clock to a place on Lake City Way but it is not a clock shop after all, so they referred me to a place in Ballard. Guy there said it needed a complete overhaul for $525. *gag* He also said it was a 1923 Seth Thomas (actually, ST made it for Plymouth) and it was an excellent clock. Don't know if it's worth that much to fix though. I will get a second opinion.

On the way back I stopped at UVil to get some more brussels sprouts for dinner. At home I checked the oil and tire pressures on the Mustang and cleaned up the garage some. Also spread some weed and feed on the lawn just because there was part of a bag that needed using up.

What else. Played my trumpet for a while. Walked. 

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