Wednesday, February 15, 2017

15 February 2017 (Wednesday)

The bad news is that I woke up at 3:45 this morning. The good news is that I went to bed early and mostly slept through the night. I quit the melatonin two days ago, maybe that's helping. Workout was really very good. Still quite a lot of people there for this late in the quarter.

I went to Cascadia in the morning and didn't do a whole lot of work. TT really liked her birthday gift: A framed certificate commemorating her attainment of the status of Historically Significant. She laughed. I'm glad I could make her happy with such a modest outlay of time and money.

I left there like at 11 and came home and got my box that was delivered today. Had the two lawn flamingoes I'd given mom the day she had her stroke. I was going to leave them there but all they did was sit in the bushes where no one cold see them. They will join my flock whenever I get some Wisconsin W's to put on them.

Went to the UVil for comestibles and sat at the SBux for a bit because I really needed some chocolate after the 5 Guys burger.

Rained a LOT today and last night, over 1.4". All of the roof drains were clogged up so this afternoon I had to go up on the roof and unclog them. Water was coming down the front and back of the house. Damn things. Walked at NGate because of the rain, although it had largely quit. 

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