Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Well, today didn't start out to well, since it started out at 3:30 this morning. Probably more like 3:15 because I was awake for a bit before looking at the clock. I'd slept okay, but then heard a diesel engine outside and then thought I could hear the heater going, indicating it would have been close to 4:30. No, it was 3:25. Then I looked out the window and there were red flashing emergency vehicle lights up the street, probably right in front of Sunny's house. They're both elderly so I have been thinking something happened to probably Mr. Sunny. Have not found out anything at the time of this writing. I didn't even try to get back to sleep.

Car was iced up again, and pretty thick, but I'd put a towel over the windshield so at least I didn't have to scrape that. Then I hit almost every rid light on the way to the gym, grrrrrr. Workout went surprisingly well. Felt especially strong leg pressing.

I went over to the church to drop food and stuff off, and then went to Cascadia. Not much going on there, but we went to a local bar/tavern for lunch. I just had fries, which were actually pretty good. Everyone else had big breakfast things. Then I went to the UVil and walked over to the FedEx Office and printed out a little "certificate" for Teresa at work who is turning 50 Thursday. The joke among archaeologists in Washington is that when you turn 50 you become Historically Significant, which is the cutoff for historic sites here. Like 74 cents, then I got a cheapie frame for it, too. Came home, fiddled with guitar, gave Sheila the squirrel a few nuts, etc. Guitar is going well, actually; I was doing bar chords surprisingly well.

Walked. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow. 

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