Sunday, February 12, 2017

12 February 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
May 30th '51. at Vancouver. Got lost in Portland. Stopped at Bridle View & Waukekes Falls, also Bonneville Dam & Cascade Lacks[sic]]. Crossed at. . .[may be continued on next entry]
I actually slept well last night, although I woke up pretty hard at around 2:30 (4:30 Wisconsin time). I only required some assistance on that one. So no napping today. Didn't go to Mass, had too much to do, including going over to Norma's to pick up her old buffet. It was purchased in September of 1966 when they moved into her house, from Frederick & Nelson's Dept. Store. Not a bad one. Nice mid-century modern piece. Looks nice where we have it. We also took the 'candelabra' just because it's ugly. The daughters got a little teary.

Otherwise, I put trip stuff away and did some chores most of the morning. We went to the UVil for the usual stuff and this afternoon I washed the Civic. Did the guitar a bit, not too much because I need to make sure the callouses are built up again.

I also watched part of the movie Roxanne, a Steve Martin romantic comedy ('romcom' in modern parlance) based on Cyrano de Bergerac. It's kind of the ultimate humanities nerd-boy romcom. I ate it up when I was younger (came out in 1987). It plays into our conceit of thinking we're intellectual, romantic Nice Guys and the only reason the hot women we think are our due don't go for us is our looks and because we're not 'arrogant assholes'. It's complete bulls**t of course. Like I say, it's a conceit of ours that we're really closet CD's (the Cyrano character) -- smart, romantic, able to fight off multiple attackers with our latent fighting skillz, and woo women as long as they can't, you know, see us -- but the Roxanne's of the world invariably end up with the Chris's of the world, or perhaps a string of them. And you know what? They're better off for it. We're not nearly as Nice as we think we are, just annoying twits with no self-confidence (even though we think very highly of ourselves for the most part).

Speak from experience? Why, yes. Yes, I do. Nowadays I will watch it (and enjoy it), but mostly to remind myself how not to be. 

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