Sunday, February 12, 2017

11 February 2017 (Saturday)

No entry for Friday, got back to the house after 8. It was a busy day if I can remember it all. Slept badly, but you could have guessed that. I think I woke up around 1:30 and didn’t get back to sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Still, felt pretty good. Workout wasn’t anything spectacular. I started off doing things pretty quickly, without really even working at all at home first. I put some laundry in and then went off to do the many errands. These involved, I believe, dropping my change off at the Humane Society (closed when I stopped in the morning), mailing an envelope of bills and junk to my brother, getting the phone hooked up for Mom’s room, getting a few more house supplies, etc. Cousin Michele texted around 10:30 and suggested we meet at the Olive Garden in Oshkosh which we did at noon and had a very pleasant visit, albeit only for an hour or so. She is doing very well.

When I came back I went to the Home and . . . I don’t really remember. I believe we Skyped with Phyllis? She was finally in her new recliner and it seemed to work well although mom was entirely nonplussed about it. Fritz came by the house after I got home and we chatted while I drank some beer; we had planned to meet at the KC Hall for fish at 5:30 or so. He left and then I went over there and sat at the bar for a bit and ate popcorn and drank more beer. Which sounds like drinking a lot of beer, but really I had maybe two pints (not even) from 3:30-7:30. His mom and brother came by as well, and I got to meet Fritz’s concubine (my term) who seems quite nice and normal. When Jaime (brother) showed up with his baby (maybe 1.5 yrs) they both kind of had their hair spiked up and they looked like Zoolander and his baby from the movie of the same name.

Also Sara the Nurse was there and so was Laura from across the street. Found out the darling little pit bull Lexi had died, which was sad but she was old. Didn’t sit down until probably 6:30 though. Food was okay. I left maybe at 7:30 or so and when I got home went for a walk, a short one, but it was reasonably warm out. And I needed the air. I wrote up a final(ish) update to Mom’s Facebook page and then. . . bawled like a baby. I dunno, the last week just kind if caught up with me. I realized that I pretty much have more friends in Fond du Lac and Wisconsin generally than in Seattle. Not to mention all of the family. That and since mom is now in her long term residence. It just sucks.

Today I also slept badly — I hate the woman sitting in front of me on this flight, she is one of those busybody pepper-haired old hippies who probably march in every f***ing march there is in Seattle and just flung her seat back back while I was typing this — but slept until 5 eventually. Went to breakfast on my own and then did the final round of chores at home in preparation for leaving. Went to the Eden Grill and met with the Pool Posse again. Walt drove me to get the rental, which they gave me without the drop off fee — a big ol’ pickup. Sadly, I pulled out of the Home and cut someone off because I wasn’t paying attention. No accident, they just honked and I felt bad. Was distracted because I had been sobbing on mom’s shoulder before I left. I think she was rather touched by that and was patting my shoulder with her good arm and leaning her head against mine. She didn’t cry but I saw a tear down one side.

Of course, while I was doing that she coughed a bunch on me so ewwww.

Got everything done and headed out about 1. Stupid people on this flight, apart from the aforementioned hippie weirdo. Just dumb people trying to fit oversized bags into the luggage racks and utterly failing at any sort of spatial reasoning. Besides taking up space in the aisle. Then some dope was opening the rack while we were sitting on the runway. JAYsus.

Anyway, sad at leaving but also would be sad to stay as well. Basically, this sucks. 

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