Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Actually slept well last night. Again, a couple of times I woke up and felt a big ol' anxiety attack (or whatever) coming on, but the start of a rosary quashed it. So, good. Workout was pretty good too. Stewart was still feeling badly, seems like he's had the same cold for weeks now. Hope that's all it is.

Came home and did some Cascadia work and then too the Spousal Unit to the airport. May not do that again during the day during the week: complete traffic mess on the way back, although it involved an accident. I did manage to get back into town (and at Cascadia) by 11:15, but only stayed there for a while. I'll have some work to do this week as I am going to prepare (most of) a proposal for the on-call archaeologists for Kittitas County. Never done one before.

Left there and went to lunch at the Five Guys, just had fries. Then went home and did a little more work and then went to the UVil to get some more chocolate milk and some asparagus for dinner/supper. Came home, practiced trumpet a bit (meh) and then watched a stupid episode of Space: 1999 -- hilarious: they found the Voyager 1 which was launched in 1985 and it was a huge thing with a super-powered thingamajig drive that sent it to the outer edges of the galaxy and could carry people! -- and then ate dinner and walked at NGate. Home now, going to play with the cats and watch. . .something.

Monday, February 27, 2017

27 February 2017 (Monday)

Kinda slept like crap again last night, woke up at 2:45 with a big ol' anxiety attack (or whatever). But then slept like a log until 4:45 so it wasn't too bad. Excellent workout. Stewart made a lewd comment and I told him I was going to go wash my brain with bleach. He enjoyed that. Was snowing when we left this morning and was still doing some of that when I went over to the Rotunda after the gym. Meeting with Grace was. . . .okay. Somehow I always feel like a child when I talk to her. All that said, I have a lot of work to do. Otherwise I was fairly productive. Happily, Sharon has followed my lead with some of the study data and instead of coding everything just makes changes and notes it. That made me feel good.

Went over for coffee with Rowena. Didn't do much else except code stuff. I'm learning Stata and it's much different from either SPSS -- which I've used almost my entire adult life -- and SAS -- which I used for a total of 11.5 years day in and day out. Some things seem easier. The 'encode' command, for example, will automatically take a text field -- "East", "West", "North", "South" -- and convert it to numeric -- 1,2,3,4 -- which can be clunky in SPSS. It's got its drawbacks though. Seems to work with dates much better.

Bus ride home was almost uneventful, although traffic everywhere else was awful, the Spousal Unit didn't get home until almost 5:45. Was snowing a lot this afternoon but nothing was really sticking. Went to UVil to get bagels. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

26 February 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
July 26, 1937. [Ken] time & [unk] brother for two days. through[sic] rock garden's[sic] most beautiful [spectacul] ever seen -- lights on falls & lakes. Watched guy break eggs -- Went to bed along river.
Kind of a crappy day here in 2017. Mainly because it started at 3:45. I tried for about 30 minutes to get back to sleep and almost actually did, but no luck. I took a nap around 8 I think. The morning seemed to last forever, as did the afternoon. Mostly sat in front of the TV all morning except when I did a few chores, although nothing involving cleaning since I'd done all that already. Not in a good mood either. I watched the end of a stupid movie called The Shallows. A woman -- young, hot, blonde, in a bikini, natch -- gets stranded off shore on some rocks while a great white shark tries to get her. A latter day Jaws, I guess. These days it seems silly, since we know so much more about sharks than in the Jaws days. A shark just wouldn't hang around trying to eat one person, especially when there's a big ol' dead whale in the vicinity, too. And the ending was dumb.

Went to lunch at McD's for blandness and then the usual UVil stuff. Hit an estate sale (nothing) and then home to watch the race, Daytona 500 first of the season. Many accidents. I managed to avoid napping this afternoon as well. Didn't really do much. Well, I did bash my thumb with the recycling bin. HURT. And bled a lot, too. Little bit of swelling. I made salmon patties for dinner, something I hadn't made in quite a while. Meh.Walked at UVil because it was sprinkling and the Spousal Unit needed some stuff.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

25 February 2017 (Saturday)

Slept well again and without any assistance. Go me. First time in a while. Was on the floor all night because Daisy was on the couch but my back or hips didn't hurt very much anyway. Hardly at all. I think I woke up around 4:30. Spousal Unit got up after 6 and we went out for breakfast and then got the donuts for the get together this morning. Which we had and it was very nice. I think especially Margie and Sunny appreciated it since they don't see each other much now with Norma gone. We all had a nice visit. Too many donuts left over though. The coffee -- which Michael roasted in Kenya -- was pretty good, although I don't know much about coffee. Well, I don't much like it anyway. Note to self: Caffeine definitely makes my rosacea kick up. I think I drank two cups of that stuff and I looked like I'd been in the sun for two hours.

We used Grandma Scholz's china cups and saucers which was a first. I kind of liked that. Not very practical, but the Dames appreciated it, I think. It was nice having the house clean and uncluttered, too, I hope we can keep it that way.

Sure did miss having Norma there though.

Rest of the day was uneventful for the most part. Went for lunch, went to an estate sale but left because there was a line, and then went to the Target. Came home and watched a movie, Interstellar, the idea of which I kind of liked but, meh. Too long and too much going on.

Walked at NGate just because it was supposed to be raining and I didn't want to be cold anyway.

Anyway, was pretty. . . .sad? Melancholy? Something. Most of the day. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

24 February 2017 (Friday)

Well, the end of not the greatest week I've ever had. At least today went reasonably okay. Perhaps the chamomile is working? I woke up twice last night and started in on what appeared to be major anxiety attacks (or whatever) but managed to arrest them both pretty quickly by starting to say the rosary. First time I got confused and actually fell asleep and didn't realize it. Anyway, I was in bed early and wasn't awake very much and slept until 4:40 so I was at least well rested.

To do next to nothing all day.

Well, that's not strictly true. I had a wicked good workout and then spent the morning cleaning, mostly doing all of the floors in preparation for tomorrow. Also some decluttering. Took some stuff to the church and saw two raccoons running around the church and across the street, poor things. Well, they weren't hurt or anything but they shouldn't have been out in the daylight like that.

I got done cleaning around 11:30 and went to McD's for lunch and then cleaned a bit more and then met Fiona at NGate. Still having problems with her mom, but nothing new. We were talking about friendships here and neither one of us have very many. I think it's because of this place and the infamous Seattle Freeze. I am trying to be more sociable, since I realized that, now that Norma's gone, I have more friends and people to do things with in Wisconsin than here. That's sad. I have acquaintances and low-level friends here, but not many I hang out with much besides Fiona. I think perhaps the bigness of the city affects that as well.

Anyway, I got some more chamomile and then came home and cleaned a bit more. I tried my last batch of beer and it appears the whole thing is ruined. I think it never fermented. It was flat and tasted sweet meaning the sugar never fermented. Probably the yeast just never got going. Damn it. Oh well, back to the drawing board and waiting another 2 months. Maybe I'll just try a simple recipe this time.

Walked to Slaveway and got some cream for the coffee tomorrow and a donut. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

23 February 2017 (Thursday)

Kind of a rough day today. Had another stupid anxiety attack (or whatever) in the middle of the night, ended up seeping until. . .4:15? I don't remember. Chamomile isn't doing it's job, apparently. I'll give it another week and then if this keeps up maybe ask of a refill on whatever the other junk I had was. Or maybe not, I don't know.

Workout went pretty well, still a lot of people down there. Still at 568 lbs on the press and it was difficult today. Will definitely need to keep working at it to hit 600 on my birthday.

Went up to campus and ate my bagel and hung out at the library before meeting Dennis the alcohol research guy. Decent meeting, he seems optimistic about money. Went over to see my friend Anne who has been cutting my hair for like 25 years. She lost her cat last weekend and is still pretty broken up about it. I brought a card and she didn't even look at it, one assume because she didn't want to cry. Apparently, she noticed she (Piper) was breathing kind of heavily and took her to the vet thinking she'd get a pill or something and that was that. Well. Its lungs were half full of fluid and they thought it was either congestive heart failure or cancer and. . . .well, she decided not to try and treat. I can understand that. I might have tried something, but I won't judge. Still, very sad.

Went home and ate ramen for lunch and then started cleaning for a while before going to UVil to get some dinner stuff (steaks) and then home again to do more cleaning. Thought I'd fixed the grandfather clock but no. The hour hand is not moving properly.

I dunno, was kind of sad most of this afternoon, partly because the cat thing got me down but also. . . .well, you know. The usual.

Addendum the next day: Forgot to mention that I learned the overture to the movie Iron: Legacy on my trumpet. Fairly simple but grand.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 February 2017 (Wednesday)

Another sucky night. Woke up twice and then again at 2:30 and I'm not entirely sure I got back to sleep. I must have dozed at least because I didn't feel utterly crappy. Generalized anxiety attacks (or whatever) both times. Today I went back to taking chamomile, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Started to wonder if, instead of wearing off, I just got used to not feeling so anxious (or whatever). So I'm going to try this stuff for a week or two again.

Oddly, I had a really good workout. Partially because I lowered the weight and did more reps instead. Still quite a lot of people there, it's only tailed off somewhat.

Came home and did some work and then took the Honder up to the place for leak repairs. Guy seemed to know what he was doing although his paperwork seems a bit. . .disorganized. And one guy was bringing his car back for some re-do. I guess we'll see. I have a feeling, after going back after lunch since he'd called, that he will essentially end up doing what I did, badly. Stupid car.

Anyway, I'd walked up to the Shop and then hung out there until Fiona came and picked me up (bless her). Went to lunch at McD's, went to the body shop, and then went to UVil to try and set up mom's phone at the ATT store there. Failed. They would do the landline for $20 a month, but it used some goofy base station box. And they said if I wanted just the basic plug-in phone I would have to go through the local ATT store there. I tried calling but got shunted back to the main menu when the recording said staff could only talk about accounts in person. WTF? Anyway, pain in the ass.

So I came home and fixed the trellis in the back, or at least secured it. I want to just let vines overgrow the dumb thing instead of rebuilding it. Then I cleaned some and also hung some pictures that have been lying around. Getting rid of some more stuff, too. I like the neat and uncluttered look.

Walked to the MM, but didn't get anything.

Anyway, tired all day, but not too cranky. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Dangitall, had another couple of (less severe) anxiety attacks (or whatever) again last night. Not good. Woke up after a nightmare after only about half an hour -- I put something in the kitchen and it just started dumping water all over the place -- and then woke up at 1:30 and wigged out and then again an hour later (which I was sure was at least a couple hours later) I did it again. Sheesh.

Workout went very well though, probably due to the pasta last night and the hydration time this morning. Went downtown and got quite a bit done. I did my first real coding in Stata. Meh. In some ways it seems clunkier than SPSS. Ferinstance, I had to write like 100 separate lines of code to rename variables because it can't (as far as I can tell anyway) do multiple subcommands. And it is case sensitive so I kept getting errors because "Q2a" isn't equivalent to "q2a" and such.

Rowena had the day off so I went for coffee alone. Also got a scone for lunch and ate it down there (in the coffee shop). (I am totally into parenthetical statements today, if you couldn't tell). Left at 3, bus ride home was uneventful, except that the hordes of teenager didn't get on today.

Still trying to get mom's phone hooked up. We are bedeviled. She also is quarantined due to having some sort of GI issues. That must suck.

Our coffee and donuts for Saturday is shaping up. Looks like the usual crowd will be here, at lest the wimmins anyway. Still need to call Sunny. I may do that in a bit. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

20 February 2017 (Monday)

Had the first anxiety attack (or whatever) in a while at 1:30 this morning. Nothing in particular. Sucked, but whatever. Was awake probably an hour and then slept almost until 5. Out cold on the floor after that. Didn't go to the gym because it's Washington's Birthday, and instead cleaned half of the downstairs carpet. Was delayed somewhat when I found that it wasn't spraying. I finally traced the problem to the valve on the bottom of the water tank that seemed to be sticking. Went okay after that.

Once that was drying I went off to Cascadia for a very short while. I did a little bit of work but not much, mostly working on the Kom el-Hisn plant data. The 1988 analyst wants nothing to do with it so I'm just using my old data. Preliminary analysis suggests nothing chronological is visible, but I have some more to do with it. I left there and checked out a couple of body shop places, one of which I am taking the Honder to on Wednesday. Seemed like a capable, professional guy. Hit Lowe's after that for a bracket to fix the trellis and some parsley seeds. We can apparently grow that in the back and actually use it, sooooo. . . .

Went to lunch at McD's. Came home, did a little more work, and then went to UVil for some dinner stuff (pesto and a watermelon) and then home to put the downstairs back together. Played my trumpet brilliantly, too. Was hitting the high F easily and well, and also played the high version of Amazing Grace (starting at F) quite well. Tone was excellent as well. So much more fun to play than the guitar because I can get better quickly. And I know what I'm doing.

Walked to the post office and back even though it was a little drizzly. Also called Margie -- Norma's friend and mine from Assumption -- and she was quite delighted to come by Saturday.

Note: Also practiced guitar and did pretty well, too. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

19 February 2017 (Sunday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
May 31, 1937 [Crossed at] The Dalles on a tug holding 4 cars. Sandy country from there to Topenish[sic]. stayed all night at Yakima. Drove 412 mi got rock for Aunt Jone's rock garden. Bon saw Snoqualmie Falls for 1st time. Threw rocks down & spray carried them far. Separated near Inglewood. The Highways were grans (Drove 192 mi). Numbers were 99-30-830-97-410-10.
That's actually too long of an entry, I think she wrote down the date (May 30) twice so this is really a part of May 30 and May 31.

Kind of a crap day, I think. Slept okay, at least until 4. Didn't do much all morning except watch a documentary on the old XFL and then some NASCAR racing for a little. Then I did some chores, the usual stuff. Also cleaned out some of the TV room closet, getting rid of a few more items. Went to the Goodwill to drop some stuff off and then lunch at the BBQ place on Lake City. UVil for the usual stuff, although my guts were. . .well, being disruptive Dunno what about, maybe the new Belgian buttermilk I used for the pancakes this morning maybe. The afternoon was mostly spent recovering from that. I did watch a movie called "Risen" which is basically the Resurrection from the perspective of a Roman tribune. Not bad. I thought it captured the period rather well. Not terribly exciting, but okay.

Went to UVil for walk because it looked rainy, but it really wasn't. Bought a sympathy card for my friend Anne who lost her cat recently. Very sad. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

18 February 2017 (Saturday)

Kind of a really day. Dark, overcast, light rain most of the day. I did sleep well though. Went out for breakfast and then came back and instead of going to the gym I did a lot of decluttering. Got rid of a lot of junk that's been sitting around for years. I threw out an old pillow with my name on it that a former girlfriend made for me. Also a bunch of Playstation games -- I got rid of the actual Playstation console several months ago, I think. Also some other junk. Partly because we're having guests over next Saturday, partly because I am going to clean the downstairs carpet Monday and needed to get rid of stuff for that, but I am feeling less like keeping old stuff around unless it really means something to me.

We went to Gilman Village in Issaquah and had lunch at a Greek place (meh) and then I took the old clock and pocket watch that belonged to my grandparents to a clock shop there. $400 and $300, respectively. I'll wait to do that until I'm more employed. Didn't do much else there, as there aren't really any neat places that interest either one of us (except for a new knitting store). So we just came home. Stopped at the Metropolitan Market for some . . . something. Also walked up there for eggs this evening. Otherwise, I practiced my guitar some, watched some TV, and then made dinner.

Indifferent and glad of it. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

17 February 2017 (Friday)

I suppose this was a pleasant day although I wish it would have been busier. Didn't sleep all that well last night, although I didn't wake up in the  middle of the night I did take a while getting back to sleep after going to the TV room and ended up in the floor all night (until about 4:15). Workout was rather spectacular though, but I don't know why.

I worked at home for a bit and then went to Cascadia where I just did some work on the KeH paper, mainly getting the plant variables worked out. Then I went up to the SuBAru dealer for the oil check and spent most of the time working on the plant data some more. Trying to reconcile the 1986 and 1988 data, although I noticed that Cathy's recent set of data as published in out monograph is at least in a couple of instances at odds with what I have. I went for lunch at the Five Guys and just had fries because I went down I5 and it was slow. I think there was some accident/police activity and right before I got to it I think some guy in a Chrysler 300 hit someone.

Met Fiona at NGate and we had a nice visit. I just went home and did various chores like unloading the dishwasher and placing my flamingoes outside:

We had bought these for Mom the day she had her stroke. I had put them on the lawn there but the mowers kept tossing them in the bushes so I thought they should come back here. Now I have 6 to play with!

Nice day, sunny and 54 but this evening on our walk it seemed very cold.

Kind of sad and frustrated today, but whatever. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

16 February 2017 (Thursday)

Had a decent enough day today. Slept very well, only waking up once. Maybe the melatonin was the problem? Who knows. Workout went great though. I hit 10*45+118=568 lbs on the leg press. Coupla 25 lb plates and I'm over 600 again. Go me.

I went to the shop for a little bit and only worked on some Nom el-Hisn floral data and then went to the doctor. We decided to bag the anti-depression/anxiety meds. Will go back in May for another checkup. Will stick to ambien for the sleeping. She thought a sleep study would only tell me if I had sleep apnea. Not sure about that. Anyway, she also said my thing on my eyelid was just a clogged pore/duct. When I woke up this morning it was white and it kind of popped when I rubbed it so I figured that. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her "Indifferent". Then she asked me what I cared about and that caught me off guard so I just said my family. Whatever.

After that I came home and then had lunch at McD's and then drove the old Marian clock to a place on Lake City Way but it is not a clock shop after all, so they referred me to a place in Ballard. Guy there said it needed a complete overhaul for $525. *gag* He also said it was a 1923 Seth Thomas (actually, ST made it for Plymouth) and it was an excellent clock. Don't know if it's worth that much to fix though. I will get a second opinion.

On the way back I stopped at UVil to get some more brussels sprouts for dinner. At home I checked the oil and tire pressures on the Mustang and cleaned up the garage some. Also spread some weed and feed on the lawn just because there was part of a bag that needed using up.

What else. Played my trumpet for a while. Walked. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

15 February 2017 (Wednesday)

The bad news is that I woke up at 3:45 this morning. The good news is that I went to bed early and mostly slept through the night. I quit the melatonin two days ago, maybe that's helping. Workout was really very good. Still quite a lot of people there for this late in the quarter.

I went to Cascadia in the morning and didn't do a whole lot of work. TT really liked her birthday gift: A framed certificate commemorating her attainment of the status of Historically Significant. She laughed. I'm glad I could make her happy with such a modest outlay of time and money.

I left there like at 11 and came home and got my box that was delivered today. Had the two lawn flamingoes I'd given mom the day she had her stroke. I was going to leave them there but all they did was sit in the bushes where no one cold see them. They will join my flock whenever I get some Wisconsin W's to put on them.

Went to the UVil for comestibles and sat at the SBux for a bit because I really needed some chocolate after the 5 Guys burger.

Rained a LOT today and last night, over 1.4". All of the roof drains were clogged up so this afternoon I had to go up on the roof and unclog them. Water was coming down the front and back of the house. Damn things. Walked at NGate because of the rain, although it had largely quit. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Well, today didn't start out to well, since it started out at 3:30 this morning. Probably more like 3:15 because I was awake for a bit before looking at the clock. I'd slept okay, but then heard a diesel engine outside and then thought I could hear the heater going, indicating it would have been close to 4:30. No, it was 3:25. Then I looked out the window and there were red flashing emergency vehicle lights up the street, probably right in front of Sunny's house. They're both elderly so I have been thinking something happened to probably Mr. Sunny. Have not found out anything at the time of this writing. I didn't even try to get back to sleep.

Car was iced up again, and pretty thick, but I'd put a towel over the windshield so at least I didn't have to scrape that. Then I hit almost every rid light on the way to the gym, grrrrrr. Workout went surprisingly well. Felt especially strong leg pressing.

I went over to the church to drop food and stuff off, and then went to Cascadia. Not much going on there, but we went to a local bar/tavern for lunch. I just had fries, which were actually pretty good. Everyone else had big breakfast things. Then I went to the UVil and walked over to the FedEx Office and printed out a little "certificate" for Teresa at work who is turning 50 Thursday. The joke among archaeologists in Washington is that when you turn 50 you become Historically Significant, which is the cutoff for historic sites here. Like 74 cents, then I got a cheapie frame for it, too. Came home, fiddled with guitar, gave Sheila the squirrel a few nuts, etc. Guitar is going well, actually; I was doing bar chords surprisingly well.

Walked. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

13 February 2017 (Monday)

Last night did not start out well. I slept for maybe 15 minutes and had a full dream in which I was getting ready for bed -- like I had just done -- and decided I needed to go to the basement to dust mop something. I turned the lights on but they didn't go on. I switched it on and off a couple of times, puzzled, and then rested the mop on the wall and turned to go upstairs when I "felt" something behind me, which turned out to be some sort of ghost which I immediately started grappling with. And I screamed which I don't think I have ever done in a dream. So I went out to the TV room and immediately had another one, and though this one did not involve any apparitions (I don't think) I immediately starting fighting whatever-it-was as well. I wonder if that's significant, because I didn't even hesitate in either one, I just went right at them. F***ers.

Anyway. I ended up waking up again and again but slept until 4:40, albeit I think I had two small hits of ambien. So, decently well rested. Workout started out slow but ended up being pretty good. Still quite a few people down there for this late in the quarter. I drove home and then went downtown. For the first time in a long time I didn't wear jeans. I think I wore slacks one hot day last summer, but for the last few years have just been in jeans. I think I will start dressing better, just to hopefully make a better impression. Talked with Michael and he said he will try to get more money after April. Christine was also in town and we had a short meeting with Rachel about my next bit of work. The former is interviewing this week for a position here at the UW (she's been in Kenya for the last year or so). I hope she gets it.

Bus ride home was uneventful except for the scads of high schoolers. Bit noisier today than usual. Maybe because it was sunny and reasonably warm (54).

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I've always thought it's stupid and I hate it. Yes, partly because it sucked when I was younger and don't remember ever having any sort of "romantic" one, just the usual crap. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

12 February 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
May 30th '51. at Vancouver. Got lost in Portland. Stopped at Bridle View & Waukekes Falls, also Bonneville Dam & Cascade Lacks[sic]]. Crossed at. . .[may be continued on next entry]
I actually slept well last night, although I woke up pretty hard at around 2:30 (4:30 Wisconsin time). I only required some assistance on that one. So no napping today. Didn't go to Mass, had too much to do, including going over to Norma's to pick up her old buffet. It was purchased in September of 1966 when they moved into her house, from Frederick & Nelson's Dept. Store. Not a bad one. Nice mid-century modern piece. Looks nice where we have it. We also took the 'candelabra' just because it's ugly. The daughters got a little teary.

Otherwise, I put trip stuff away and did some chores most of the morning. We went to the UVil for the usual stuff and this afternoon I washed the Civic. Did the guitar a bit, not too much because I need to make sure the callouses are built up again.

I also watched part of the movie Roxanne, a Steve Martin romantic comedy ('romcom' in modern parlance) based on Cyrano de Bergerac. It's kind of the ultimate humanities nerd-boy romcom. I ate it up when I was younger (came out in 1987). It plays into our conceit of thinking we're intellectual, romantic Nice Guys and the only reason the hot women we think are our due don't go for us is our looks and because we're not 'arrogant assholes'. It's complete bulls**t of course. Like I say, it's a conceit of ours that we're really closet CD's (the Cyrano character) -- smart, romantic, able to fight off multiple attackers with our latent fighting skillz, and woo women as long as they can't, you know, see us -- but the Roxanne's of the world invariably end up with the Chris's of the world, or perhaps a string of them. And you know what? They're better off for it. We're not nearly as Nice as we think we are, just annoying twits with no self-confidence (even though we think very highly of ourselves for the most part).

Speak from experience? Why, yes. Yes, I do. Nowadays I will watch it (and enjoy it), but mostly to remind myself how not to be. 

11 February 2017 (Saturday)

No entry for Friday, got back to the house after 8. It was a busy day if I can remember it all. Slept badly, but you could have guessed that. I think I woke up around 1:30 and didn’t get back to sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Still, felt pretty good. Workout wasn’t anything spectacular. I started off doing things pretty quickly, without really even working at all at home first. I put some laundry in and then went off to do the many errands. These involved, I believe, dropping my change off at the Humane Society (closed when I stopped in the morning), mailing an envelope of bills and junk to my brother, getting the phone hooked up for Mom’s room, getting a few more house supplies, etc. Cousin Michele texted around 10:30 and suggested we meet at the Olive Garden in Oshkosh which we did at noon and had a very pleasant visit, albeit only for an hour or so. She is doing very well.

When I came back I went to the Home and . . . I don’t really remember. I believe we Skyped with Phyllis? She was finally in her new recliner and it seemed to work well although mom was entirely nonplussed about it. Fritz came by the house after I got home and we chatted while I drank some beer; we had planned to meet at the KC Hall for fish at 5:30 or so. He left and then I went over there and sat at the bar for a bit and ate popcorn and drank more beer. Which sounds like drinking a lot of beer, but really I had maybe two pints (not even) from 3:30-7:30. His mom and brother came by as well, and I got to meet Fritz’s concubine (my term) who seems quite nice and normal. When Jaime (brother) showed up with his baby (maybe 1.5 yrs) they both kind of had their hair spiked up and they looked like Zoolander and his baby from the movie of the same name.

Also Sara the Nurse was there and so was Laura from across the street. Found out the darling little pit bull Lexi had died, which was sad but she was old. Didn’t sit down until probably 6:30 though. Food was okay. I left maybe at 7:30 or so and when I got home went for a walk, a short one, but it was reasonably warm out. And I needed the air. I wrote up a final(ish) update to Mom’s Facebook page and then. . . bawled like a baby. I dunno, the last week just kind if caught up with me. I realized that I pretty much have more friends in Fond du Lac and Wisconsin generally than in Seattle. Not to mention all of the family. That and since mom is now in her long term residence. It just sucks.

Today I also slept badly — I hate the woman sitting in front of me on this flight, she is one of those busybody pepper-haired old hippies who probably march in every f***ing march there is in Seattle and just flung her seat back back while I was typing this — but slept until 5 eventually. Went to breakfast on my own and then did the final round of chores at home in preparation for leaving. Went to the Eden Grill and met with the Pool Posse again. Walt drove me to get the rental, which they gave me without the drop off fee — a big ol’ pickup. Sadly, I pulled out of the Home and cut someone off because I wasn’t paying attention. No accident, they just honked and I felt bad. Was distracted because I had been sobbing on mom’s shoulder before I left. I think she was rather touched by that and was patting my shoulder with her good arm and leaning her head against mine. She didn’t cry but I saw a tear down one side.

Of course, while I was doing that she coughed a bunch on me so ewwww.

Got everything done and headed out about 1. Stupid people on this flight, apart from the aforementioned hippie weirdo. Just dumb people trying to fit oversized bags into the luggage racks and utterly failing at any sort of spatial reasoning. Besides taking up space in the aisle. Then some dope was opening the rack while we were sitting on the runway. JAYsus.

Anyway, sad at leaving but also would be sad to stay as well. Basically, this sucks. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

9 February 2017 (Thursday)

Slept badly for part of last night. I woke up at about 12:45 and was awake for probably 1.5-2 hrs mostly worrying about how I'd pay for the stupid recliner which I just remembered at around 8. Slept until 5 after that. Workout was okay.

Went over to the Home and Mom was still in the dining room and her new chair was out in the hallway. We got that put in and then she never sat in it all day. Jerry and Janice came by around 11 so I left to get the chair money and a couple of other things. The plumbers called and said the guy would be over for the garbage disposal around noon so I got some Rocky's and took it home and ate it while he was doing that. He replaced it because whatever was inside of it was bent and just scraping along, when it would even run. After that I went and shipped a few items home and then went to the Home again. And Mom was gone! Not in her room and the nurses didn't know where she was either. Hmmmm. I asked around and found she'd gone to an Activity! Yay! Voluntarily! It was a dog thing. She doesn't like dogs. But I was glad she went. Then I waited until 4 and me and Jerry, Janice, Linda, and Patty went to Schwartz's, yum. Had a large brandy old fashioned which I didn't finish and a huge slab of meat that I didn't finish. Nice time though. They dropped me back at the Home and I chatted with Mom some more and then came home. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8 February 2017 (Wednesday)

Odd sleeping last night: I woke up in kind of a "fit" at 10:45 and had a devil of a time getting back to sleep, mind just racing in all different directions. Not really an anxiety attack (or whatever), but it took two doses of ambien to calm down and go back to sleep. But then I slept until after 4:30 straight through. Workout was only marginally good. Rode the cycle for like 30 minutes.

I hit the Home around 9:30 and they came promptly at 10 to start moving. Was all done and out by 10:40. The Propsons came in before the move. I like them. Barely knew them as a kid.

I was kind of worried about leaving her there to go to lunch but I figured she was used to it and needs to get used to her new table mates and such. I hope she ends up making some friends there. I know she is probably embarrassed because she can't talk all that well, but I hope that some of the other residents make her feel more comfortable with it. I know if she even tries a little bit she will make fast friends.

I went to the 11:11 place for lunch (takes too long) and then came home and did some stuff before heading out again. Was going to Skype with Phyllis but she never contacted me back. Left around 3:15 and had to stop at the store on the way. Watched a bit of TV again (Sherlock) and then went to Culver's for dinner because I am sick of cooking crap. Gille's again. Back to the Home after a walk at the mall. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Kind of a Blehh day. Slept vaguely okay  -- scratch that, I slept pretty well until 4. Maybe only 3:45. Workout wasn't even all that great. It was foggy early this morning and then it started raining and rained almost all day. I texted Tim and he could meet for lunch, so I drove down there (Madison) and met him by the Capitol. I drank a Blatz. Ha! Well, half of one. They had it there so I went native and had that. Partly (well, mostly) because when we first moved into the old fraternity house -- we were starting it up again so it was very small and the house was kind of a dump -- we spent the first week painting it. Every morning around 10 we would go to some liquor store out on the west side somewhere and buy a case of Blatz -- 24 returnable bottles -- and paint and drink it all, and then the next morning we'd take the empty case back and get a new one, etc. I think it was like $5 for the whole case. The stuff I had today was a fateful replica: Light and not terribly flavorful, but not unpleasant. Apparently, Tim also had a vague recollection that we stole the Budweiser bar light from some other fraternity. I have no memory of that.

I walked to the end of State St (the campus end) and looked around a bit but only bought some caramel corn. Drove home. Uneventful not ways, except it rained pretty hard on the way down but not back. Went to see mom for a bit and we Skyped with her sister, and then I mall-walked for a while. Supposed to get down to 13 overnight meaning everything will freeze but I think the streets will be okay. Busy day tomorrow, I have to get mom moved and settled in and buy some things. May go meet cousin Michele for lunch on Friday, definitely Schwartz's with the family on Thursday.

Watched another episode of Space:1999 this afternoon. It was a goofy show but I loved it back then. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

8 February 2017 (Monday)

Managed to sleep mostly crappy again last night. *sigh* Today I drank no alcohol. I tried drinking something every day so far, partly for fun, but I also wanted to find out if it would affect that again (either positively or negatively) and I think it probably does. Workout this morning went really well though.

Did a little work at home and then went to the Home via SBux. Mom was in kind of a tired whiny mood and didn't seem too happy. Also she got a new TV and she seemed perturbed at the time it was taking to boot up. She napped so I went out and did some more work in the lobby. I lunched at Rocky's and then went home and packed up some stuff to ship, left for the Goodwill, went to the Staples for a bigger box for the other stuff and then came home and decided the little box wasn't packed well enough so I just stuck it in with the big box and then shipped it this afternoon. Wait, on the way back the first time I stopped at the A&W and had a cone. With the window open because it was no nice out, although it was only 38 degrees. I guess I'm acclimated because I also didn't wear a sweatshirt all day.

When I got back to the Home I decided to set up her phone service and this is what transpired as I wrote on her Facebook wall:

I spent approximately three days (read: one hour) on the phone with AT&T attempting to set up basic phone service. The first half was spent setting up, not basic phone service, which the (un)helpful salesman said was unavailable, but Internet and VOIP phone which would involve much setup time and more money than I had been led to believe. It also included, but was not limited to, being cutoff without my knowledge and then having my phone ring its ring directly in my ear at approximately 180 decibels. Dear Mother was highly amused by that and sat there smiling for at least 2 full minutes.  
Me: "I'm glad your amused at my impending deafness." 
Mom: *smile smile smile* 
After arranging all of that, I consulted Lutheran Home staff again and they assured me that basic phone service really is available through AT&T. So I spent the next half an hour getting pushed from person to person and finally arranging to cancel the old order and, hopefully, getting the new service set up. I managed to accomplish the former at least and when I finally hung up I told her 
"Well, an hour on the phone and I accomplished absolutely nothing." 
Mom (quite clearly): "I was entertained."
She was also chatty when I came back this even, after another Gille's run. I found a sticker in the front window that was probably what was causing them to skip my car and scraped most of it off; quick service tonight. 

Am pretty pleased with her so far. She's been fairly clear a lot of the time and hasn't been saying a lot of weird stuff. Some, but not a whole lot. She does have Good Days and Bad Days but I think it's an improvement. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

5 February 2017 (Sunday)

Busy day today. I woke up at around 3 (I think) but then after minor assistance slept until *gasp* 5:15! Went to McD's and then did some more cleaning and stuff. I was assembling a bunch of stuff to give away when Barb suggested leaving much of the remaining stuff for the estate sale, which I thought was a good idea. I'll just try to get rid of junk junk from now on, of which there isn't very much left. Went over to the Home around 9:30. Skyped with Barb about 10:30? Mom wasn't very talkative. But I saw Harold the 3-legged cat and he seemed to be fine.

I drove up to Oshkosh to pick up a new TV for Mom's new room and ate lunch up there at a Culver's. Stopped in to the Duluth Trading Co. store, but got nothing, popped over to the outlet mall and just grabbed a waffle thermal and two bright green underwear from the Jockey store, only because it was Buy-2-get-one-free. And everybody needs hi-vis underwear. Learned that the Land's End store went out because the mall tried to triple their rent and Land's End just walked away. Sad because that was still a true "outlet" store with lots of seconds and returns and stuff.

When I got back I did a little shopping at the Festival and found a $10 bill on the floor! Yay for me. Then back to the Home and Skyped with Jeff and his family (and Barb) and Mom was still mostly uncommunicative. She also had gas that utterly reeked. Left about 3:30. Decided to have a few sips of bourbon again, man that stuff packs a punch. Watched another episode of Space:1999. It's still kind of a neat show, though the style and technology are really dated. And all the hair!

I picked up Panda Express for dinner, mostly just vegetables and some chow mein. Drove to Gille's and almost drove away because I was being ignored. I think there may be something on the windshield that looks like a ticket? A couple of times they looked at the car like they were checking for a ticket (they put a number under the wiper blade when they take your order) and then walked away. Parked at the library and walked with my computer but was unable to get ahold of Phyllis to Skype this evening. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

4 February 2017 (Saturday)

Starting this early as I'll be heading over to Mom's this evening and walking most of the way back. Slept like crap again last night. I woke up at 2:15 and had to read for a while before I could get back to sleep. I slept then until 4:45, having started out in the bed, down to the couch, then back up to the bed after 2:15. Went to McD's of breakfast at 6, then did some laundry and went to see the pool people at the Eden Grill around 8, stopping at the SBux (new) out by the Festival Foods on the east side. Left there about 9:15 and went to the gym. It's pretty cold in that place but I still sweated a lot so a decent workout.

After putting the laundry in the dryer I went to see mom briefly. The one nurse, who is very nice, told me that last week she had dragged her foot all the way down the hallway to lunch and then sat at the table and said "I don't want to do this" several times. . . . .but then ate the whole thing. I went off to lunch at the Rocky's and then took the faucet back to Menard's. Came home and started cleaning the dressers in the upstairs bedrooms, just taking the photos and junk out from under the glass tops, cleaning the glass and the wood underneath and on top. Wasn't much of interest there. Left around 1:45 and went to the Pick N Save to get a couple brats, K-cup tea, and cash and then went to the Culver's for some ice cream because I was dying.

Went back to the Home around 2:30. She was coughing a lot, but generally seemed fairly comfortable. Mom was also drinking a lot of water this afternoon and when the nurse came to give her more she said "Thank you" very clearly. When I went back this evening she was chipper as well and I understood most of what she was saying and it wasn't weird. I went to Gille's for the first time this year (they opened for the season today) and it was very crowded. But okay. I parked at the library and walked to the Home and back.

I also bought a bottle of bourbon this afternoon, Just Because. I've felt like it. Top Shelf (at least for around here), Maker's Mark. Good flavor but I only had a small amount. It seemed appropriate. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

3 February 2017 (Friday)

Just got back from a cold cold walk. Not very far, just up to 15th or so and then across to Elizabeth Waters and back. We got back from fish at KC Hall around 7 and I needed the walk since I drank almost two pints of beer!

Over like 3 hours. Still, for me that's almost like a binge. Went with Kaye Kelly (old neighbor) and Fritz (old neighbor and bestie from way back when). Nice time. Mike came over about 4:30 and we talked and had a bit o' beer and then Kaye came and got us at 5.

Slept better last night. Still required a couple of hits of ambien at times, still probably dealing with the time change. Workout was really good. Did some Cascadia work and then went to the Home and did some more work while mom was visiting with Janice and some other relatives. She was tired but enjoyed the visit, I think. I left for lunch and then went and got a new faucet and hit a couple of antique stores on Main St. after checking on the recliner again. One of the nurses said her aunt had just gotten a new fancy schmancy recliner at her during home but then died a week later and we may be able to buy it. Also stopped by the bank and chatted with Meghan the banker a bit -- she helped us a lot when mom first had the stroke -- and then went home. The plumber called and said the guy could come out this afternoon, which he did. He remembered dad fondly as well. We decided to just clean and fix the old faucet since it went so well with the sink. After he left I went through some more stuff, lots of old comic books and other stuff.

No plans for tomorrow except meeting the pool people for breakfast and then I'll probably hit the gym. Otherwise no real plans. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2 February 2017 (Thursday)

Yes, missed yesterday's post because I didn't even think of it until today. Flight out was okay. Sat next to some tall goofy millennial-type who was fidgety and slept a lot. Kind of a dork. But not irritating. Got into MKE about 2:15 and was on the road before 3, in a Challenger. V6 but not bad. Visibility is terribly and the auto transmission is a true slushbox, but I really liked it. Good size, handled really nicely and the power was very adequate. Hard ride though. And I kept hitting my head getting in and out of it. But very nice to drive.

House was in order. Temp was at 60, Jeff had turned off several water sources (toilets and bathroom sinks), but the sidewalk and driveway were all clear thanks to Kaye Kelly (former neighbor). Need to get her something for doing that. Popped in to see Mom and she was fine. Her left eye is open most of the time now, albeit only up to halfway. And the eyeball just points to the left, but it is doing a little bit of tracking along with the other one. Could understand much of what she said. I went to Festival Foods after that to get supplies. I decided to get a 6 pack -- oh, also had a beer right when I got home, I was just parched -- of good beer and one of probably marginal beer: One Leinenkugels and then one of Old Style. The latter just came back after a decade or more absence. We used to call it Old Bile. I am trying some now and, despite the manufacturer's assurances that they have gone back to the old recipes, I'm quite unimpressed. When they had some Schlitz a year or so ago with the old recipe I quite liked it. This stuff is blehh though.

Slept mostly badly last night, didn't get to sleep until 11 and then up at 5 and needed at least two rounds of assistance.

So, slept rather badly, but workout was really good despite the sleep and beer. Brenda was there -- whose name I'd forgotten, bad me -- and she set me up with 9 days. Scare myself: I'd forgotten the lock combination! Happily, I'd stuffed the bag in the lower (unlocked) locker and it had the combo in it. *whew* Might go there Saturday as well.

Came home and took the Challenger to the rental place and the guy drove me to SBux and the Home. Decent fellow, black dude from Chicago, and is up here going to Marian University. Drove like a maniac. Went to the Home until about 11:20 and then walked down Main St. Stopped at WG&R furniture to look for a recliner and found one: Guy had a leather La-Z-Boy in the back for $249 from about $649. So I'm getting that tomorrow. Went to the burger place (11:11) and had icky cajun fries. Too spicy/salty or whatever. Came home, inflated the tires, froze fingers, piddled around, and went out again to look for used recliners (none) but bought a small lamp for the dining room. Hung out with mom until about 3 and then went to grocery store and then home where I tried the Old Style (drank not even half of it), and did some more sorting and cleaning and tossing.

Went back to the Home after going to the mall and getting some socks -- thought I had a bunch of those here -- and then to see mom for a bit more. Now I shall write an update and call the Spousal Unit and then hopefully get a decent night's sleep.