Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2017 (Monday)

I started sucking on zinc lozenges this evening because I had such an awesome workout this morning. That is sometimes indicative of an oncoming cold, although I did have pasta last night and slept reasonably okay. I had some difficulty getting to sleep but then slept until 3, at which time I went through the usual anxiety attacking (or whatever), but a small dose of assistance got me to sleep again.

Green Bay won last night so both of my teams are still In It. Alabama is playing Clemson right now for the title, and I would prefer Bama won, but it would also be okay if they didn't because they've dominated so much lately. I don't know why I dislike Clemson, but they're not my favorite. Just one of those BHORTs* I guess.

I went to Cascadia this morning and got some stuff done and then went to lunch at NGate and then gassed up the Honder and stopped to get a little shaver thingie for Daisy's butt. We haven't used it yet. My sister's cat, Harold, had his front leg chopped off today, apparently he's doing okay. Poor little guy. Cancerous tumor in the shoulder bone.

When I got home I. . .what did I do? Gave Jack a bunch of attention because he was being demanding. Did some other things, including getting the yard waste out and scooping up a big pile of dog poo someone left on the terrace. I put it in the yard waste anyway even though we're not supposed to. My way of sticking it to The Man. Also watered the plants we bought last week but haven't planted yet. I just forgot. May plant them tomorrow.

Walked at UVil because we had to get some stuff.

Not the best day, mood-wise. 

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