Sunday, January 8, 2017

8 January 2017 (Sunday)

From Jean Clausen's diary:
July 23, 1936: Ate supper at Mt. Vernon. Got home at 9:00. Lots of beaches in Vancouver & lots of marine [drives]. Largest outdoor [swimming] pool on coast.
That was the day after the earlier entry.

Dreary day here in 2017. It warmed up overnight, if you count "warming" as up to around 37. Fairly dry in the morning, but rained all day starting around 11. Spousal Unit arose at 5. I slept fairly okay last night, moving to the TV room at 1:15 and then I woke up a couple more times but went back to sleep quickly, until a little before 5. Got pretty worked up at 1 and had a minor bit of assistance. Decided to go to Mass today. I dunno, I'm kind of getting less out of it these days. They had a bunch of the 4th graders assisting so there were lots of parents there that aren't usually at this Mass. One guy who has been sitting in the general vicinity of me finally said hello and that he'd seen me (us) walking around the neighborhood a lot. Mike was his name. Seems a decent chap.

Sat around until about 11 and then did the litter box. We started to go to the McD's and the usual UVil thing but the power was out from about 25th westward, including the McD's and the UVil. Instead we went up to the Taco Time which wasn't all that great. I dunno, they're usually well-run outfits but not this one for whatever reason.

Watched the Packers play this afternoon, they beat NY 37-13 or thereabouts. Took a short nap and played guitar again, not as well as yesterday though. Walked up at UVil since they had power again and I needed to get more of my new (probably unhelpful) meds at the Barftell's and some more bonito flakes for the cats.

Please pray for my sister and her cat, Harold, as he is having his front leg amputated tomorrow. Even 50 years in the future a prayer may help, if one assumes that God is outside of time and therefore time-transgressive. 

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