Saturday, January 7, 2017

7 January 2017 (Saturday)

Woke up twice last night, once at some unknown time to go to the TV room and then again at 3:F***ing:30 again. I took a bit o' ambien at 3:F***ing:30 because I was NOT going to waste a Saturday being dead tired. Still in a bad mood anyway. Just not overly tired.

Had breakfast in, and I went to the IMA around 9:15. Workout went fine and sweated my gonads off on the cycle, although I had to switch cycles halfway through because the first one kept dropping into Pause mode over and over. It's done that before. Couple of the usual morning people there but no one I ever talk to.

We were going to go up to the Chik-Fil-A in Lynnwood for lunch but I forgot where it is and it's crowded anyway so we went to an Arby's and I had their "Loaded Curly Dries" which were Meh. Thence to an estate sale but they didn't have much stuff left. Drove back and there was a big junk truck loading up stuff at Norma's. Tough day for the Spousal Unit in that regard; it's mostly just hitting her now, I think. Many people are missing Norma; I can only hope I am missed as much when I go.

I went over to see them, and all three sisters were there. They'd gotten rid of quite a lot of stuff. Sent me home with four books and a bottle of Macnaughton's Canadian Whiskey that Has been sitting around (unopened) since like 1974. I have placed it on my memorial shelf. Not that it's any good, particularly, but it's something unusual to remember Norma by and who know maybe someday I'll need shot or six of whiskey. Spousal Unit didn't think she could handle it and didn't go which the sisters thought was very touching and Carol wanted to come by and give her a hug but the Spousal Unit was downstairs being despondent and didn't want to see anyone.

Really decent guitar practice this afternoon. My ring and pinky fingers are finally getting strong enough that the strings don't buzz much. It's actually starting to be a bit enjoyable practicing.

Walked up to the post orifice to mail a CD to my cousin in San Diego and some bonito flakes to my sister's cat who is having his front leg amputated Monday, but we got the wrong envelope and weren't going to pay $23 for it.

So, kind of the usual sh*t day, but not overbearingly so. 

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