Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Busy day today. Well, busy night, too. I slept meh, but apparently Jack was up throwing up around 2 and Daisy had a dirty butt so the bed was all icky and I didn't know anything about this other than the Spousal Unit getting Jack some treats at 2 a.m. I did manage to sleep okay, but it required some assistance. I'm not entirely sure this new med is working or not; sleeping pattern hasn't been affected but I haven't been having anxiety attacks (or whatever). For the most part.

Durn good workout. I ran on the track at the end and was all energetic and stuff and ran pretty fast and ended up coughing a lot because it really burned my lungs. Meh, whatever. Ate my bagel, worked some, and then we dropped some food and an old computer off at the church, then hit Slaveway for a mocha, then Cascadia for a book, and then up to the SuBAru dealer to have the oil changed. I read the web the whole time. Had lunch at one of those A&W/KFC combined things. Generally fairly blehh except it had root beer on tap, yay. Then went up to Sky Nursery and got a new planter and plants for the front porch. Also stopped by UVil to cash a couple of checks and. . . .do something else? Oh, bought a pie.

Upon arriving home there was a box waiting. A Home Fresh thing my sister got me for Xmas. They send complete meals in a box with instructions and such and you're supposed to cook it. Kind of a waste IMO. But whatever. Free food.

Had a decent practice session on the guitar. Walked at NGate.

22 when I left this morning, high of around 36. Supposed to go down to 19 overnight.

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