Sunday, January 29, 2017

29 January 2017 (Sunday)

Jean Clausen's diary:
September 12, 1936: At the wedding Rev. Allen said "Do you Buela Hall (her names Hale) and Elwood said "Buela Hale" they all laughed.
There's a name you don't hear much anymore.

Kind of a boring day today. I think I used minor assistance twice last night? Once? I don't remember. Once around 3. I went to sleep on the floor then because I felt kind of wired. A friend of the Spousal Unit's says she drinks a glass of warm milk with Ovaltine every night and she claims it helps her sleep through the night. We walked up to the Metropolitan Market and got some Ovaltine and I will try it tonight. Will report on its possible effectiveness. I'll start with maybe 6 oz.

What else. I woke up around 4:30 and the Spousal Unit got up around. .  .5:30? Waited a while and then went out for breakfast. Mine wasn't memorable, except in the somewhat negative sense. Bacon wasn't terribly crispy and very fatty and my "over medium" eggs were not as done as they should be. So meh. Came home and cleaned. And did some throwing out: I had a blue macrame plant hanger that an old girlfriend Ingrid made for me and I've had it ever since (early 1980s). It also held a plant that I got in the 1980s: one of those long viney things that I got a clipping of at a restaurant in Kohler Wisconsin when Fr. Tony and my mom and I went out for lunch and a tour of the Kohler factory. Tony was stationed in a Plymouth parish at the time. I got rid of the plant, too.

Ha, not really. The one out there was long and straggly looking but a cutting of it in my office/room is a bit more bushy and nice looking so I kept that one. That one I want to keep.

But I got rid of some more stuff, too. That felt good. Assembled a bunch of stuff for the trip Wednesday, too

Did the usual UVil thing and was back home by 1:30. I had a decent practice session on the guitar, mostly just switching chords. Still have difficulty going from C to G. Must have something to do with the placement of my fingers and/or thumb. I was going to say 'embouchure' but that's more of a mouth thing with a wind instrument.

I tried to drink some wine and Sprite but, while I did drink some, it wasn't very good. It was a cabernet and didn't go well with the sweet stuff. Leftovers for dinner. Walked to the MM for the Ovaltine as I mentioned earlier. 

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