Saturday, January 28, 2017

28 January 2017 (Saturday)

Decent night's sleep although after going to the TV room I was all wound up for some reason. I took 1/4 ambien and read for a little while and slept on the floor. Pretty well actually. I think around 3 my hips hurt so I went up to the couch (which wasn't much better) and ended up sleeping until 4:30 or so. DIdn't work out this morning, I had to clean instead. Ate breakfast in. Walked up to get my two shots (avec Spousal Unit), which was kind of a waste of time; took like a half an hour for two stupid shots.

Slept a tiny bit around 10:45. During the old Star Trek Halloween Special (aka, the 'Catspaw' episode). We toyed with the idea of going downtown because it was supposed to be a nice sunny day but it wasn't so we decided to just do some errands that needed doing. Lunch at the Ivar's on Aurora and then the Spam's Club* and then the PetSmart. Went to an estate sale and it was a neat house but mostly a lot of junk. Also went to the grocery store for dinner comestibles.

Made some cookies this afternoon and I hosed off the patio roof of all of the squirrel poop and meant shells. Bastards. I put the old hummingbird feeder out back and those little rats learned to lift off the little plastic flowers and drink the sugar water. They pulled every single one off and nearly drank it all, and broke the little flowers anyway. Destructive little pups.

Drank some wine cooler -- I need a better name for that, befitting its ancient origins in mixing wine with water. . . .perhaps "wine in the Greek style"? -- and finished the Hillbilly Elegy book. The only parts that were really useful for me were chapters 13 and on when he was in college and law school. He described his job-getting as far more dependent on networking, which I knew at least intellectually, but given his background and how he described it, I finally understood it more. You really have to make people feel like you're one of "them" and that you will help them if they will help you. Just fitting in. That's been my weakness traditionally, as I've always kind of felt better being an outsider.

Couldn't practice guitar as I burned my left finger taking some cookies out. Grrrrrr. Plan on playing my old cornet back in FdL, so not taking the guitar. May look at some at the music store there though.

* After spending so much time on the phone I still haven't gotten the e-gift/rebate card they said they would send. I'm writing it off as me goofing on the email address. Still irritates me though. 

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