Friday, January 27, 2017

27 January 2017 (Friday)

Pleasant day today, sunny and around 50. I didn't sleep all that well. Was not in the bed for very long and 30 minutes and some minor assistance was necessary. Jack slept next to me most of the night so I was trapped against the back of the couch a lot. Did not, however, go to the floor at any point. I woke up at about 4. Meh. I felt okay.

Workout was. . . .good, but it didn't feel that way. Lots of people. I don't know what it is with the young women there, they must have something against blowing their noses. Half the time I'm within earshot of one she's over there sniffling away. ("And get off my lawn!" </codger>)

I did a little work at home and then headed to Cascadia to finish the one report. Finally. Toby the cat met me at the car and investigated it for a few minutes (I drove the Mustang). Then he followed me in and bugged me for over an hour. In a nice way.

Nice cat though, very sweet and soft. He's well taken care of.

And I spent probably 20 minutes cussing at Word because it wouldn't put in f***ing page numbers. Grrrrr. I finally broke down and told Teresa I would do a cost estimate if she did my page numbers. Took her like 2 minutes. Apparently, I managed to put the watermark for the DRAFT as part of the headers. HUH????

Anyway. I left, came home and dumped my computer off and then went to McD's for lunch. But there was no parking. In the lot, out front, or on the next street. HUH???? SO I went to Five Guys at NGate. Then walked up to the Bon and got some face junk at the Clinque counter for the Spousal Unit, walked it back to the car, and then went in to wait for Fiona at the SBux. Her mom situation is still in flux. I feel really bad for her, it has to be really difficult. She said her dad's BP was at like 199 because he's so stressed out. I hope it all works out. Well.

I went to an estate sale on the way home, but despite there being a ton of stuff still there, I didn't get anything. Mostly junk. Came home and threw 13 baseball hats in the washer. I'm going to get rid of all but 4. Maybe 5. But they're all clean now. Listened to big bands on Pandora most of the afternoon. I also did a 1970s Geek Out by driving my Mustang and listening to Frampton Comes Alive. Heh. 

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