Thursday, January 26, 2017

26 January 2017 (Thursday)

I found a photo today of what is perhaps the earliest extant picture of me. It's labeled "May 1962" which would make me between 1 and 27 days old in it. A woman sitting next to a man is holding me in my little baptismal gown or something.

I mostly slept well last night although I woke up at 3:30ish. I made a tactical decision to take 1/4 ambien and it worked out well: I went back to sleep although it was touch and go there a couple of times. Ended up feeling pretty well all day. Workout was pretty good, too. I did 568 lbs on the leg press and even did some squats. I may go to the gym while in WI instead of swimming. I noticed the last time that swimming simply wasn't as rigorous; my apatite kinda went down when I was just swimming. Working out really hard simply blows through more calories and keeps them burning.

Anyway, well on track (*knock wood*) for 600 lbs on my bday. Who knows maybe even 300 on the squat rack. . . .

I came home and did some UW work, walked up for my double shots, and then rode the bus down to the UDist to get my hair cut. Ate a slice o' pizza at the pagliuglies and then dropped my library book off at Suzzallo and then walked to the UVil. Stopped at the SBux there because I was shaking and got a hot chocolate. Walk home was uneventful. Did some more UW work at home and then started the dinner process.

I ALSO got rid of two jackets and a bunch of baseball hats. I used to wear lots of hats all the time but I don't anymore because I think doing so gives me forehead acne. So I am keeping just a few that have some sort of sentimental value. One Wisconsin hat, one Packer hat, one gift that has a little football and "Tis the Season" on it, and. . . . .one other one. Don't remember which. 

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