Wednesday, January 25, 2017

25 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Slept until 4 and without assistance and only woke up once. Good.

Workout was very good as well, owing to the hydration beforehand. Stewart was there; apparently he'd had some sort of GI thing that's "been going around" that I hadn't heard of. Fairly crowded today, too.

I came home and worked a bit and then headed off to Cascadia. I wanted to get most of the report done so we can get rid of it and invoice for it. Left there around 11:45 and had lunch at the 5 Guys (fries). Went home and then worked on Coptic stuff for about an hour and a half. I think I finally have the ECC diagnoses pretty well done, too. Not much else, except for documenting it all. I will start doing more of that tomorrow.

Then I tried doing my IRA stuff again, and it failed, again. I dunno, one would hope the actual product works better than the web site sign up? Anyway, never did get it to work. Then I called Sam's Club to try to get my stupid money back. The person I talked to kept telling me they couldn't refund or exchange it -- the e-gift card I'd paid for but never got -- by law and that meant I was out $45.88 with nothing to show for it. I finally (nicely) asked to talk to a supervisor and it turned out that I'd signed up with the wrong email address: .COM instead of .NET. So I was getting ready to call it quits and just eat the money, but she said they'd send an exchange e-gift card to the correct email. Haven't seen it yet, but if not I think I may just let it go as a testament to my own airheadedness.

Finally got to reading and cooking around 3:45. Had the pork butt in all day and it turned out well. Also made faux fool (pinto beans) and collards. Went to UVil for walk to get comestibles. 

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