Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Managed to sleep through the night without a major wakeup, no assistance, and slept until 4:30. Yay!

I was, however, bumping into things all day. Like walls and stuff.

Workout was fine. I am up to 548 lbs on the leg press so hitting 600 for my bday shouldn't be a problem, unless the knees start complaining or something. Lots of people there today, too.

Came home, worked on the report a bit and then went off to Cascadia where I worked on the report the rest of the morning. Lunched at NGate. Came home, futzed around with the cats a bit and then took some food donations to the church -- 24 ramen noodle packets and about 16 cans of soup and vegetables -- and then retrieved my old Onkyo amp and tuner from the repair shop. First service in 37 years and it was mostly minor so that was a good purchase, I think. First thing I played when I got it hooked up again was the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, which is great but desperately needs remastering, and then the title theme from Star Wars. Which is magnificent cranked up through decent speakers. Bad. Ass.

Had to pop over to UVil to cash two checks from my siblings and then pay the flight credit card which had two effects: 1) Irritating me, and 2) Prompting an alert from the bank on my card. The irritation: Stupid ATM demands that I remove my card, reinsert it, and reenter the PIN for every.single.transaction. Hello? Why can't I just do them all at once? So perhaps it was recording me swearing at it, because a few minutes later I got an email alert about suspicious debit card activity. HUH? So whatever. I was parched and needed sugar so I popped into the SBux and had a small hot chocolate. A few interesting people. A violinist came and sat next to me right before I left. I only know this because she was carrying a violin case. I suppose it might have contained a tommy gun. But probably not.

Came home, did a little more work on the report, and then started futzing with the guitar while tending to the squirrels. Today I mostly went over and over the chords for the Edmund Fitzgerald song (Asus2-Em-G-D). Still having trouble doing the G to D consistently. Spousal Unit came back and I started reading. Forgot to put the pork butt in this morning so I ordered pizza and salad instead.

The book, Hillbilly Elegy is okay. I thought it might provide some insight to my own childhood since I was the offspring of a self-described hillbilly.

Ummmmm. No. My dad may have come from the hills and said he was a hillbilly but he wasn't like these people at all. His grandmother once shot a man, had a foul mouth, and swore like a sailor. His mom was similar. Note that his parents are about my age. My dad was far more domestic in comparison. Never swore. Rarely raised his voice. No guns, non-confrontational. JAYsus. Maybe it's just my dad, or perhaps it's because he was of Scots-Irish descent, or maybe Appalachia isn't quite middle-Alabama, but there are precious few parallels. Then again, different generation as well. Still, interesting read. 

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