Saturday, January 21, 2017

21 November 2017 (Saturday)

You know, I kind of miss reading ol' Clarence's diary entries every day. He didn't seem to have a lot of fun, but he did some cool things.

Didn't sleep. . . .well, wait. I did sleep fairly well. Until 3:frickin'-45. Blehh. Tried to get back to sleep around 5:15 but didn't make it. I didn't take a nap all day either. I decided to go to the gym instead. We went out for breakfast and, despite not getting adequate sleep which usually means I can eat however much I want, I felt too full afterwards. Hence, gym. Not that many people there. I did leg presses, calf raises, and then rode the bike and sweated my **** off for 40 minutes. Felt good.

We decided to drive up to North Bend just to get out of the city. It was okay. We might try going to the Swede's next time for something different. It's the old Mar-T which was the cafe the "RR Diner" of Twin Peaks was based on. Went to the outlets for a while, but not for long. I dunno, they're not really "outlets" any more -- where they would carry seconds and such for CHEAP -- but more like regular retail places. We drove up via 202 and back via I90. They had "Women's Marches" all over, which was basically throwing a temper tantrum because Hillary lost. It's at least welcome that they've discovered the Constitution again; they do so every few years (when a Republican is in the White House).

Afternoon was quiet. I drank more wine cooler, or whatever word I can use to describe it that feels more Greek or Roman in terms of mixing wine. Walked at NGate due to light rain.

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