Friday, January 20, 2017

20 January 2017 (Friday)

Mostly slept fairly well last night, albeit on the floor because both cats were on the couch and looking so comfortable I couldn't move them. No assistance. Woke up at 3:45 though but felt okay most of the day. Workout went great due to the extra hydration. Not many people there either; New Year's resolutions must not have taken hold very well this year.

I did a little work when I got home and then went to Cascadia to trace the profiles. That actually went fairly quickly. I enjoyed it, too. It was actual archaeology, of which I do very little there. I did some of the writing as well. Oh, a little cat named Toby met me at the gate and followed me in. Friendly little thing. He/she enjoyed exploring the house.

I went to NGate for lunch and then did some banking stuff and a little more work and then Fiona came over. She's been having a lot of stress with her parents lately so she was appreciative to talk to someone. On the way home I stopped at the QFC and bought some beer and a sweet riesling for the Spousal Unit. Also Willeke emailed and said my Fayum report on my web site was gone, which it was and I don't know where it went. I don't remember deleting it. I have some backup copies on my external drive but most of them are in old Ami Pro format and I have been unable to read them. May require some work to reconstruct it, although I have the html files, but the figures are all in Ami Pro. So, crap.

Anyway, made dinner, walked. 

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