Thursday, January 19, 2017

19 January 2017 (Thursday)

I actually mostly slept through the night last night with no assistance. Woke up at about 4:45 and all on the couch. Go me. Workout went pretty well, too. Not as many people down there as yesterday, I'm kind of expecting them to be there tomorrow though, but Friday I do whatever I want so I can mix and match if need be.

I did some work on the report first thing and then went and got my shots at the Slaveway SBux and then popped into the post office to see the supervisor about our mail person's fall -- her name is Jennifer, btw -- and he said they may/will come out at some point to see what can be done, but I doubt they will and I doubt we'll do anything anyway. I talked to said Jennifer this afternoon again, and gave her a little SBux gift card for her trouble, and she said she'd already told them about the porch and where a mailbox can go, etc. I bought some non-skid tape after the post office and put it on the porch so I hope that is enough. It's one event in like 13 years so I'm not really sure it's a big deal.

Anyhoo. After that I worked some more and tried scanning in the profile drawings and they came out okay, but Meg said we should still trace them so I'll do that tomorrow. I worked on that until about 11:30 and then got lunch at McD's and then to UVil to get the gift card and I got a big iced tea too because I wanted one. Came home, gave her the card and chatted about different mail box configurations, etc. and then did a little more work and then sat down to practice guitar a bit. I am trying a new site,, that is a series of video lessons. I go through this all the time, practice, get tired of the way 'Im practicing, and then find a new thing to try From The Beginning. Perhaps this one will work.

Also got an email coupon for $20 at an restaurant thing. Participating restaurants will deliver to your home for free (if >$20). So we tried that at Red Robin. Meh. Halfway decent salads. Well, better than what I make although I would have preferred it tossed first. First world problems.

Started reading a book called Hillbilly Elegy. A memoir about a, well, hillbilly who grew up and got an Ivy League degree and it's about what he thinks of the culture of Appalachia. Sort of. Kind of depressing, although much of it seems somewhat familiar, being of somewhat hillbilly stock myself. I certainly wonder sometimes how I made it from small town Wisconsin to an archaeology PhD etc.

Well, no, maybe not. I'm stubborn. And I read this once: "New Cross to the Journal of the Royal Society, solo. Some achievement." I wanted to do that.

Update: Almost forgot: I took my old tuner and amp to Hawthorne Stereo for repair. The tuner is finally unlistenable as both channels are going out. Something to do with the tuning mechanism. The amp has had minor troubles with the source switch, having a fidgety channel (right, I think) when on Phono 1. First time they're being serviced since I got them in 1980, so not bad. 

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