Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 January 2017 (Wednesday)

Rain continued until mid-morning and then there was even some blue sky. Apparently somewhere around 2" at SeaTac. Back yard had standing water back by the rock wall. As usual.

I slept okay, on the floor all night. Only needed minor assistance when I first went out there. My hips were hurting probably around 3-3:30 but I stayed there and didn't really wake up until close to 4:30 which was okay. Killed the workout. Also ran on the track.

Came home and did a little bit of Cascadia work, on the one report. I've been waiting for the contractor to send me some super duper map and it ended up being little more than a sketch. Sent that off. Then I went to the church and dropped some stuff off and talked to Carol, mostly about th local crime scene. She said she chased a couple of guys off not too long ago and then someone tried to break into the church last week, too. Sad. Got two shots in my chocolate milk and then went to the Ace hardware and bought a new mailbox and spent a half an hour cussing and putting that in. There were three fat ol' black spiders living behind it so I brushed them away. New one was almost identical to the old one so it went in fairly easily. Then I went to lunch at NGate and then popped over to the Best Buy to look at security cameras. And thence to Cascadia for a while to see what needs doing. I'm going to start on the report for the evil monitoring on Whidbey (the night work), but I get to trace and make nice the profile drawing. I retrieved the light table I'd given to Randall -- that has never been used -- and I'll do that in the morning. At least it's something not involving a computer.

I went to the UVil to find something for dinner, but sat at the SBux for a bit and enjoyed the show. A well-dressed, attractive female sat behind me and was a terrible busybody, just futzed around for like five minutes. She needed two tables for her laptop and such. Then a large, well-dressed attractive man joined her. I think they were some sort of real estate coworkers. Nothing else too interesting. I got chicken tenders and salad matériel for dinner.

So. When I got home the mail lady was across the street and she waved and came over and let me know that our mail box had not, in fact, been broken into, but that she had slipped off the porch and grabbed it and broke it that way. I felt bad. She's very nice; she was the one who got a little teary eyed when she found out Norma had died. We chatted about what happened and I think I may go see the postal dude tomorrow. I will definitely get some non-slip tape and put it up there. I'm hoping they don't demand a railing or something. She seemed a little apologetic and wasn't mad or anything and she wasn't really hurt (just a small bruise). Anyway, I'm glad it was only that but I still feel bad that she fell like that.

Practiced guitar a bit, mostly just doing the G-C-G transition and maybe getting a little better at it. I may get myself an electric for my birthday. A semi-acoustic. Or semi-hollow body. Would probably be more fun to practice than this thing.

Well, yeah, I did break down sobbing like a baby for about 15 minutes this afternoon. I was thinking of the mail lady and how she got choked up because of Norma and then I just lost it. *sigh* 

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