Tuesday, January 17, 2017

17 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Raining like a sumbitch out there, since around noon. Looks to be consistent for another 12 or so hours. Beats 23 degrees.

Slept vaguely okay last night, no assistance necessary. Woke up at 4 though, *harumph* Wasn't too bad though. Workout started out poorly, but I got going. I was mistaken earlier: I am now up to 45*8 +50+120=530 pounds on the leg press. Should be able to hit 600 soon. Lots of people here today, too, although not as many as yesterday afternoon.

Went downtown and got a lot done. I did the corrections to the proofs and sent those off; had I think three citations in the references that weren't in the paper. Huh. I think EndNote was being wonky. Also, Google Scholar apparently doesn't list some page ranges in their citations because several only had the first page number. Spent the rest of the day getting the Month 18 and 24 biopsy results straightened out. Sharon needs to look some up but we should be done with these soon. Started trying to figure out the ECCs but the triggering diagnosis for those -- AGC-US for cytology -- are tricky to get at. I may pawn those off on Sharon. She and I went for coffee and Rowena buggered out again -- Sharon is going to think she hates her or something (not really) -- but R and I went to lunch instead. Down to the Diva coffee place and I actually got a sandwich because I was really hungry for some reason.

Bus ride back was kind of crowded, probably due to the rain.

And when I got home I found that some f***er had broken into the mail box. Punched the lock out and almost yanked it off the wall. Rat bastard. There was one piece of semi-junk mail still in it (at least the s***head closed it again) so I don't know if he got anything but it's still irritating.

Anyway, walked at NGate due to the rain. 

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